PS4 and Xbox One Console Pre-orders Topping Charts


"This week at the annual E3 video gaming conference in Los Angeles, the current titans of video game consoles led the charge with their next generation offerings. First up was Microsoft with the announcement of game titles and a $499.99 launch price for the holiday 2013 launch of the Xbox One console. Following shortly thereafter, Sony announced their exclusive content and slightly surprising $399.99 launch price for the PS4 console.

Reactions from gamers have been swiftly in favor of the PS4 console value proposition. A lower price, similar if not better perceived processing power, the ability to sell or loan disc-based games as previous generations offered."

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Eyesoffiction1983d ago

We already know about this?

SolidStoner1983d ago

the only explanation about price difference I have, is that SONY might know how to make decent quality hardware in short times and low costs.. (its a MASSIVE hardware company after all..)

And MS know how to make money.. maybe they even dont earn much.. but definitely history has told us that MS cant create good hardware, they are almost purely a software company, and Xbone shows that a lot, with its design, price and that insane amount of spying and life changing software... this time in a negative way!!!....

Tapioca Cold1982d ago

Speaking of pre orders...

perhaps some of you could help me.

I'm a expat living in Korea. the ps releases are always late here, so I want to pre order an american console for here. For the ps3, i had a japanese release model and it worked fine. Just had to buy an adaptor. IT WAS DUAL VOLTAGE 110-220 so not a hitch. Do any of you know if the ps4 will be dual voltage this time?

Nyromith1983d ago

Glad to see the king back on his throne.

abzdine1983d ago

i pre-ordered my PS4 yesterday finally and the guy at gamestop told me that people who pre-ordered a X1 cancelled it and took a PS4 instead and they even tell customers not to buy the anti-consumer xbox.

Greatness awaits

GutZ311983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I commend you for choosing the console best for you, but I would strongly suggest not using Gamestop if at all possible, as they are the main reason Microsoft is attempting such DRM tactics.

Gamestop pays 5$-7$ for a game I bought less than 10 days ago, and turns around and sells it to some shmo for 55$...

F*ck Microsoft, and F*ck Gamestop too.

abzdine1983d ago

well i live in Denmark and the only place where i could pre-order one was in that particular GS cause it's sold out everywhere else!!

Greatness awaits

GutZ311983d ago

I feel your pain then @abzdine

Hope you can find an online retailer or something in the future.

NextGen24Gamer1983d ago

I was at Gamestop today and I asked them how they feel about the Xbox One and the trade in restrictions. He said that he pre ordered an xbox one and was at E3. He also stated that Microsoft is ALLOWING people to trade in their xbox one games. Once someone installs the game to their console it uninstalls it from your console. He said he actually talked with MS rep sat E3 and they have notified Gamestop that they will indeed allow trade ins. That is part of the reason you need to be always online. Also, the family share is another reason you need to have always online. This way 10 people can share their library of games with eachother. Which exciting to say the least. They gamer who installed the game, can play his games anytime he wants. The other 9 people he is sharing the game with can play any game in the library at any given time with no time limit restrictions. Only two (the owner of the game) and one friend can play a single player game at the same time. This is the future of game sharing. No longer do you need to hand your physical copy over to a friend and wait for him to give it back and hope he doesn't damage it in the process. Those days are gone. The stone age is over. While some will be left behind...The gamers with absolutely no internet or the gamers who enjoy the old fashion way of doing things...But for us gamers who are ready for the future and all it offers...It's an exciting time.

1. You can trade in your xbox one games
2. You can share your games with 10 friends who can all play eachothers library of games no matter where you live.
3. Always online is the future of gaming. My phone is always online, my computer is always online, my tablet is always online, it's the future of gaming and their are many added benefits.
4. The games!!!!!! The guy at Gamestop said that while sony won E3 appeasing to the stone age gamers holding on to the present and past...he said that everyone there was blown away by the MS games that you could play at E3. He also said that most games were running on xbox ones or computers with xbox one specs!

It's clear which console is best for games and best for the future. While MS hasn't had great messaging...They have 5 months to let the masses know. TV spots and through media outlets.

The war is far from over even if Sony looks like they have won the battle.

Both will sell out at launch...But Xbox One will have an amazing life cycle!

fooltheman1982d ago

In an interview with angry joe Major Nelson said something in the lines of: Family members can check it out // It's not like you buy a copy for 10 members.

There's something important that they aren't telling us about this feature and the sentences above refer to that unsaid part.

Beginning at 3.59.

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MWH1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

after all this, and people still preorder the xbone.

..what treachery is this?

dmeador1983d ago

Because some people can think for themselves, do their own research, and choose not to join the mob with pitchforks

skydragoonity1983d ago

After a year with dat draconian machine called xbone, every owner will regret it

GutZ311983d ago

I think the first ones to rebel will most likely be the ones that get banned by accident/no good reason, and learn all the games they purchased are gone. Forcing consumers to repurchase the games/licences they already payed for.

Dorwrath1983d ago

Their games will not be gone, you need to keep up, and stop being slow on the up take. Xbox Support got it wrong. The vid with that Reddit girl interviewing Major Nelson at E3 clearly said they wont lose their game library.

GutZ311983d ago

Forgive me for not believing Major Nelson.
He has clearly NEVER told a lie, or gotten anything wrong.

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