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Do you know what company bit the dust with its new game?

Insomniac has failed on its new multiplatform experience.

Fuse is one of the worst selling titles this year. (EA, Fuse, Insomniac Games, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Dark_Overlord  +   621d ago
"FUSE between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have failed to reach the launch of 60,000 units."


Totally their own fault for letting EA change it into something else
itBourne  +   620d ago
This is true for one! But even if it stayed overstrike, it wouldnt have done extremely well. Insomniac has not made a good game in over 4 years. And even when they were they werent sailing like hot cakes. So its to be expected. No to mention, the few sony fanboys that wld have bought it, many not now haha.
SolidGear3  +   620d ago
Resistance 3 was their best, imo
fattyuk  +   620d ago
^^^ resistence 3 was the worst out of the trilogy lol
cpayne93  +   620d ago
No, resistance 2 was the worst. Resistance 3 had a great campaign.
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knockknockannefrank  +   620d ago
i was so pumped when i first saw overstrike and saw that insomniac was making it...after i saw EA publish it and change the name to FUSE i knew it was going to turn out to be mediocre at best.
InTheLab  +   620d ago
R2's multiplayer and co-op were light years better than R3's.

R3's multiplayer was complete crap and it's obvious they spent little time with the game, as they were probably using Sony's money on Fuse.

R3 had an outstanding single player though. And while R2 was disappointing compared to Fall of Man, it's not the worst in the franchise.

You can't have 2/3s of your game be a crap waste of disc space.

R3 is by far the worst in the franchise and sales reflect that.
ginsunuva  +   620d ago

Fall of Man still had best SP and MP
joseph12hancock   620d ago | Spam
wastedcells  +   620d ago
They need Sony guiding them and helping them to make an interesting game.
sizeofyou  +   620d ago
Agree - talented bunch, but needed a better direction...
showtimefolks  +   620d ago
EA and Insomniac made the generic Fuse and kept the actual overstrike as sunset overstrike because MS's check was too big to pass on

Insombiac what the heck happened to you? Last great game was ratchet and clank a crack in time. Resistance 3 had great atmosphere but story was pretty meh and you took out the best part of resistance 2 the 8 player co-op that's why resistance 3 did so bad

Everyone I know who played or liked resistance 2 liked it because of the co-op

Well I guess nice knowing you, Sony needs to find another developer who can do proper ratchet and clank games, probably the studio that did thieves in time could be give a chance for a fresh prospective
Nicaragua  +   620d ago
It's sunset overdrive not sunset overstrike.
HammadTheBeast  +   620d ago
Sony's probably not picking them back up after Ted Price walked on stage for MS at their E3 show.

They've really gone downhill, and its sad that they want to "continue with FUSE in the future".
wastedcells  +   620d ago
If sunset overdrive is anything like fuse I think they will find themselves in trouble.
Jeff257  +   620d ago
I am a huge fan of Insomniac. I loved what they did with the Ratchet And Clank series and I really enjoyed the Resistance games as well. That being said I haven't picked up Fuse and I'm not sure I will. Even when it was Overstrike I still didn't quite know what to make of it or what they were trying to do. Then EA went and messed it up even more. I wish them success with their XBOX One title as well but at the same time with all the other shooters coming out on it then that may also get passed over.
stage88  +   620d ago
This game looks like a generic piece of crap. No wonder it didn't sell. Resistance was so much better as it was very original.
TOSgamer  +   620d ago
Hopefully this game and Sunset Overdrive(which looks good but isn't going to sell to what's left of the xbox fanbase) won't sink them and they can make a comeback in the future. Maybe on Pc.
sashimi  +   620d ago
Ratchet and Clank and Resistance are some of the most fun games i've played this generation. So seeing this is really disappointing, well i hope sunset overdrive is decent or that the big check you guys are getting from M$ is worth it since associating with M$ nowadays is pretty much crap.
SpecialK  +   620d ago
Insomniac lost their stride years ago.

The last Ratchet and clank trilogy was pretty good. Though imo even that failed to match their ps2 counterparts.

Resistance was pretty good. Though it never matched up to killzone or gears and that really hurt the game.

They just completely ditched every core value they had. memorable stories, likeable characters. and swapped it for boring characters no one cares about and tired old stories.

Even their fallback trick of innovative weapons has fallen flat. A lot of the weapons on fuse are rehashes of resistance.

They went from my favorite devs to rock bottom. I can only assume theyve lost all the core devs that made them great.
Dante_007  +   620d ago
Insomniac without help from sony is nothing it Clear to me that once Ted Price became obsessed with the greed for money their games have been suffering because of it and it shows what kind of leader ted price is a greedy bastard
NarooN  +   620d ago
They kinda fell off the mark years ago, honestly. Resistance had potential, but they changed the game too much from game to game, which alienated some fans and press alike. Even if Fuse had stayed Overstrike, it still would've bombed like this.

Dunno what they're gonna do next, if anything. Hope they survive and make a decent game again. They need to come back to Sony.
Smashbro29  +   620d ago
Now maybe they can go back and make a skill based Ratchet game like the first one. No more level ups! Leave it up to me to win. The other games are all piss easy because once you find the right gun and level it all the way up all you need is turrets and that one gun.
Reborn  +   620d ago
Ted needs to bring that old spark back to Insom. When he does, they'll begin making those fun, creative, and loveable characters.

If they continue with this FUSE path, it won't be pretty.
Insomnia_84  +   620d ago
Resistance: Fall Of Man was goos. They should go back to that formula.
ironfist92  +   620d ago
I would say Insomniac started to fall after releasing Resistance 3 which was a yawnfest.

Pity really, since they made the Spyro games which was my childhood.
sway_z  +   620d ago
Insomniac have just had a bad run. They wanted independence, because the Killzone IP was always favoured over the Resistance IP @Sony.

When I initially learned Insomniac made a deal with EA, I knew nothing great would come of it.

If Sunset Overdrive is not a commercial success, they need to re-kindle their relationship with Sony and 'Clank it Up'!!
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baldulf  +   620d ago
Nobody can escape EA's death touch.

ger2396  +   620d ago
What ashame, I guess the grass isn't greener on the other side.I don't see their xbone exclusive doing much better.

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