Microsoft: 'Master Chief on PS3 A-OK'

You've all seen the story in Business Week about an Unreal Tournament modder who made a character for UT3 on the PS3 that looks just a bit like Master Chief. Earlier today, Susan over at Game|Life asked what our lawyers thought, so Gamerscore blog asked one of the dozens--if not hundreds--of Xbox lawyers (jk) what he thought about it.

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decapitator3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Well now, isn't this something....The fine print says.."so far as it's free, they are ok with it."

Ghoul3648d ago

That is very suprising as this is the first time ms is "ok" with the masterchief apering in any mod (free or charged)

fenderputty3648d ago

LBP level dedicated to MC here we come.

FordGTGuy3648d ago

to sell copyrighted material but putting it into mods is actually protected as long as its free.

barom3647d ago

This actually doesn't hurt MS in any way. If anything it's free advertisement.

It would be weird to see them get angry.

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mighty_douche3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Dont think it really matters if MS/Bungie care, this is a free mod, he isnt making any money out of it, which is probably exactly why MS didnt get involved, because there was no money to take.

Anyone actually seen this in the flesh? The Chief looks better than he does in Halo (thats obviously in my opinion, take your hate away).

Corrupt3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Hell, I have the mod. Saw a few other people using the MC skin mod too. I saw about 2-3 MC's in the same map the other day.

LJWooly3648d ago

I noticed that he looked better than the Halo version, too.

Still, would have much preferred a Solid Snake, although Epic have something against men who aren't beefed-up and wearing body armour, of course.

THC CELL3648d ago

haha he looks better on ps3

iAmPS33648d ago

That Master Chief on the right is from the CGI they made for the superbowl and that is a lot better than what you have in game.

On the other hand the Chief on the the PS3 has far more details and better shaders, another slap on the XBOTS's faces.


gotta love how even the retarded sony droids want a piece of the cheif!!

BenzMoney3648d ago

You gotta laugh at the droids who like getting pukey bjs from glass-eyed trannies during ocular with amputees that have osteo!

Those kinds of people don't use MSN Messenger when they're at work.

Altis13648d ago

Yeah the preview on the left is a fully rendered model in the character selection with all the bells an whistles turned on. In actual gameplay, all bump mapping is removed because the game can't handle the real Chief in action. The in-game model reflects the entire PS3 gaming lineup really well, flat and without definition.

GETPWNT3648d ago

the one on the right is real-time running on 360 hardware, moron. go die now.

slowlearner3648d ago

that is not the model made for the super bowl commercial. That is from the e3 trailer running in engine. On the 360 master chief gets better textures and hdr. Master chief on the ps3 looks fuzzy and bland.

stop spreading b*llshit

slowlearner3647d ago

it was the in engine e3 trailer and the 360 model definitely gets hdr, but fair enough i guess the textures statement could be disagreed with.

Seriously though, the one on the right looks better :)

PopEmUp3647d ago

that look disgusting hope that game never be exist on the ps3

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tweaker3648d ago

As long as its free, I don't think anyone would get in trouble.

MC looked cool now bring me Solid Snake and Kratos.

beast3648d ago

We already have kratos and Snaaaaaaake on ps3

Only thing now after Master chief is...


After that cycle is complete. we will have icons of MS and Nintendo

decapitator3648d ago

Offtopic but have you guys see the LittleBigPlanet Kratos ? God he looks awesome.


Salta_nelas3648d ago


MC on Halo3 got surpassed by a UT Mod:P