IGN UK reviews Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Deeply flawed as the structure of the game may be, there's no doubting it still offers the definitive automotive experience in gaming. As a taster for the full course it suggests that, when it arrives, Gran Turismo 5 could well be one of the driving titles ever. But as a standalone title it's impossible to not question Polyphony Digital's decision to drip feed its new game and present what at times can be a ragged package. That said, there's enough content here to keep the petroleum levels in the bloodstream of the most ardent automobile fans peaked, and as such it still manages to nose clear of the rest of the chasing pack.

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killer_trap3615d ago

what's next IGN south pole ?????

Rick Astley3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

It's only a small portion of the game. Don't expect high reviews. The full version comes out next year.

sonarus3615d ago

wtf 9.0 4 graphics. Am i the only one pissed off at 9.0 graphics?

PirateThom3615d ago

I'm giving you a Bubble just for being Rick Astley.

ruibing3615d ago

They took points off graphics for no damage system, which doesn't make sense since they didn't do it for GT4.

sonarus3615d ago

damage = graphics. I could understand if they took it out of the gameplay. I am a strong supporter of damage and it is a long over due feature. It will only make GT more realistic than it already is. However in my opinion even without damage the GT series owns all other racing games in the market. I have been trying to get my cousin off Need for speed for yrs GT prologue finally did it. He is getting a ps3 just for this game

Alvadr3615d ago

9.0 is pritty damn good for graphics. They mention that there is occassional slow down. Now in a game where they hype up the fact that it has 1080p and 60fps they should deffinatly be penalised for slowdown.

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LSDARBY3615d ago

lol, IGN are treating this as a full game not a prologue.

kevoncox3615d ago

Stop making an excuses.
You pay for it, so they reviewed it. i'm certin that they took that into consideration.

pwnsause3615d ago

of course we payed for it, and we know that the reviews were going to be like this, lmao, go to the other side. you fail.

Capt CHAOS3615d ago

Take care of your spellings dude..

certin is just as close to cretin as it is to certain.

But, yes, I agree with you on your point.

pp3615d ago

ign is to generous this game deserves 7.0

ruibing3615d ago

This from the POV of someone who has never played it and simply hates it for being on a rival console. Unless of course you are against the most realistic and beautiful racing game yet.

I tried the Japanese PSN demo awhile back and I was blown away playing it on a big HDTV; you should try this game, at least at a store kiosk or a friend's house, before you start badmouthing it.

Zool 083615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

And you deserve 0/10 for that stupid comment

now go and play your lame 720p/30fps pgr on RROD, while we enjoy our 1080p/60fps gt5p (sorry I forgot your RROD is at the repair shop, oh well)

iAmPS33615d ago

Can't blame him for being so mad, his 360 has been in the repair shop for quite a while now, poor XBOT has to hate on everybody else.

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