Microsoft will open 600 stores within Best Buy locations

With 500 U.S. and 100 Canada location within Best buy, Microsoft's new Windows store plan to be the one stop shop for all things PC. With a size of up to 2,200 square feet, the stores will focus on interactivity and demonstrations on all their products.

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Excalibur2006d ago

Wow M$ is getting quite full of themselves lately, how much you wanna bet these will be the "authorized" locations to trade in XBone games.

UNGR2006d ago

GameStop has already been confirmed as one of the locations, also another store I can't remember at the moment. This will likely be another. Glad to see you did research though. I get fanboys are butt hurt right now but can we at least try to be accurate with the hate that you spew?

Excalibur2006d ago

Speaking of research, why don't you click on my account and see who is the fanboi you speak of.

I also talked with a GS store manager yesterday and he said GS is not at all happy with M$ right now, he said GS is in talks with M$ right now because they sell 66% of the big 3's merchandise, places like Walmart, Best Buy, Target and so on sell the other 34% so he was saying they have some pull.

He didn't come right out and say it but if M$ doesn't play ball they may not carry any XBone merchandise.

Also before you get in such a hurry throw out the whole "Butt hurt" comment, why don't you put it in proper perspective and actually know what the heck it is your talking about. ;)

UNGR2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

You do know that GameStop managers know next to nothing, right? I was one (replacement after the original left, quit a few months after), it was horrid. Now a good friend of mine runs the place, he also knows nothing. How on Earth could you think somebody pushing an Edge card, and telling you to trade in your games for $5 and smile would possibly be "in talks with Microsoft". We know literally nothing about games, consoles, or anything game related before the public does. We get corporate emails on how to handle/sell product, that's it. We get treated like crap, we get paid like crap, but you think they're going to know everything? If Microsoft was on bad terms with GameStop why on Earth would the Xbox One be plastered on the front page of their flyers? Again, research, do some. And 66% percent? Dude, the sheer amount of stores that stock video game related product should show you that there is no way in hell one company has 66% of any particular developers, or manufacturers sales. GameStop makes a killing in the used games market, hence why they're one of the places that will resell X1 games.

I found the anatomy of your kind, if only we could find the cure. Or your just stupid. Wouldn't matter, both are bad.

2006d ago
Excalibur2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I never said GS wouldn't be I merely said they aren't happy about it and may or may not carry XBone products, hell they are already handing out flyers that are not in M$'s favor.

AND just because you knew nothing as a GS manager (or so you claim) doesn't mean the rest don't.

It's also funny that you want to keep throwing around the Fanboy moniker but yet post after post you are defending them and their anti-consumer practices, that's ok though, I'm sure it's pretty hard to see what is going on in that bent over position that you are in.

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THamm2006d ago

Yes now I really see why the games division was cut out. MS deals within BestBuy and handle all Xbox related trade ins and what not

lucidity2006d ago

I can't see this working out in quite the way they hope.

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