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The Trouble With Free-To-Play Games

The idea of getting something for nothing may seem appealing, but disgruntled gamer Dave McConkey argues that the ever-expanding onslaught of Free-To-Play is actually milking gamers dry – and replacing immersive single-player experiences with superficial MMOs. (Culture, Hardware: Shipbreakers, Homeworld, Killer Instinct, Next-Gen, PC, Planetside 2, PS4, Xbox One)

UNGR  +   593d ago
You need to pay to win most of them? And if not be at a severe disadvantage for every hour played. Happy Wars on XBL would be my best example, anyone who buys gear will destroy you. The best gear is EXCLUSIVE to people who pay for it. Not picking on one in the bunch, most F2P games use this model, or one similar. One F2P game I do like is Marvel Heroes. Simple game, plays well, and you don't need to pay an absurd amount of money to play the way you want, or to play well. League of Legends would also be a great example of another good F2P game. We have a few shining stars, but we have a lot more piles of crap.
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INMATEofARKHAM  +   593d ago
I hate to admit it but I've never played LoL but I am playing Marvel Heroes and its a pretty awesome little game!

My only complaint for it is that I do think the characters are price a bit high... If they took a quarter off their cost I would likely buy three or four... As it is. I'm sort of waiting for a drop. (I did get a costume drop, which was nice, but it was for the character I was already playing.)
UNGR  +   593d ago
I'm a Spider Man fanboy so I only bought that. One character price for the full game? Deal, can't get much better than that, besides completely free.
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greenlantern2814  +   593d ago
free to play = pay to win.
rezzah  +   593d ago
They cost more than pay to own games, unless if it is digital; then you don't really own what you pay for.
pixelsword  +   593d ago
Free to play = bad

pay to play = good

Somebody  +   593d ago
I do find F2Ps tend to be boring after a while and the sheer loss of motivation after leaving one for a time. This become more apparent in shooter based F2Ps. You pwned that noob with your Level 6 mech/soldier/warrior today. Leave the game for a week or more and he's back for vengeance as an Level 45 Avenging Angel with fully equipped/upgraded impossibly rare gear.

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