Two Goals for Metal Gear Solid Movie Two

Hollywood producer Michael De Luca has produced lots of good movies. Take Boogie Nights or Wag the Dog, for example. He's also produced lots of bad movies, like Little Nicky or Ghost Rider. He latest project? Bringing Metal Gear Solid to the screen. No easy task! No doubt fans of the cinematic game franchise have high expectations. And with the way Hollywood bungles game adaptations, the pressure is on. So, how does De Luca feel about this whole Metal Gear Solid movie dealio?

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mighty_douche3620d ago

If he messes this movie up i'm gonna chop his n*ts off.

UnblessedSoul3620d ago

They should just make the whole movie CGI

socomnick3620d ago

All cgi movie might not be successful I remember the final fantasy cgi movie bombed in the theater.

Alcaponeyou3620d ago

it's gonna be at least as good as RE

ravinash3620d ago

They should have used a Japanese film maker for this one.
It would help keep the feel of the series and it wouldn't be a bad thing to stay as far away from Hollywood as possible.

LJWooly3620d ago

If it was all CGI, that would probably be better. The cutscenes in MGS always felt like watching a movie to me anyway.

Also, whenever I watch a game-to-movie adaptation, I always think it seems really lame, no matter what.

Gambus Kahn3620d ago

Unless the movie has the words Pixar behind it, a full CGI MGS movie would be a finacial failer. The main reason would be that the only people that would watch it would be just gamers. Women and older men just dont connect to realist CGI movies.