Indie Developers Shun Xbox One

Whether they’re your bag or not, the popularity of indie games has grown exponentially in recent years, offering all the imagination and emotional themes lacking from many of the big AAA titles.

The Xbox 360 certainly played its part in that rise, paving the way for games like Braid and Limbo in the system’s earlier years. Independent developers, however, are starting to shy away from Microsoft systems. In the wake of E3, two indies have detailed exactly why that is.

The short version: It seems that just as they’re trying with the used game market, Microsoft aim to monetise and control the indie market too.

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theBAWSE2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

everything that has come out of microsofts mouth recently is a lie (we are indie friendly on xbone) lol

So now i should believe them when the say kinect which is always on always listening won't in invade my privacy? Gtfoh Microsoft

Everything about xbone is about how much scrilla Microsoft can squeeze out of consumers and publishers which is why indies can't put games on xbone

ltachiUchiha2009d ago

Thats why they wont allow self publishing because they want any kind of piece of the pie they can. Anyone with half a brain who thinks cloud will just magically make the xbox one into a super high end pc is lost in microsoft la la land. You really think microsoft would waste their money giving u dedicated servers when they dont give u jack for xbl? They make u pay just to access facebook, netflix, youtube, which shouldnt be the case. Im telling you those dedicated servers is to track every freakin person who buys xbox one & take data on who has what game & so on. They definitely want to get rid of used games period & ill give them credit for having the balls to even try such a thing but i will not be a part of what they are trying to lead the gaming industry to & if they succeed with this. I fear the gaming industry on consoles will die out because of them. If they really cared for gamers, they wouldnt be doing this in the first place. Why try an change something that worked just fine with the 360? Smh.

Kevin ButIer2009d ago

These indie guys will boost PSN into new heights

Sitdown2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

So everything that has come out their mouth lately is a lie? So DRM, the price, etc were all lies.....sweet, let me go reorder another. Sweeping generalizations for the win. Anyhow.... I wonder what is Microsoft's logic for going so hard against the grain? Couple dollars today for a taken empire tomorrow?

2009d ago
Vip3r2009d ago


Mikelarry2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

they didnt shun xbox one, the xbox one shun them. not allowing to self publish. that's the message with the xbox one force people to include things they do not need/ nor want. why do i need a publisher to "SELF" publish another mouth to feed from the profit.

pompombrum2009d ago

Exactly what I was about to say.

MikeMyers2009d ago

Microsoft needs to address indie developers differently and be more supportive. That is where the original ideas and creativity stem from the most. Instead it seems like they want games like Limbo that they believe will become hits. A lot of indie developers just love to create games for the love of it and don't necessarily care about becoming millionaires.

Zechs342009d ago

You hit the nail on the head, MS only tries to go out there and grab games that will hopefully SELL, not even review well. This was even proven to be true with a problem they had during a Summer of Arcade...

This explains why the biggest and one of the few games they announced as indie was Minecraft, easy money, easier to port, and finally, people on Xbox get the full game.

givemeshelter2009d ago

And the hits just keep on coming...

Belking2009d ago

I guess people are just imagining all those indie games we saw at the

MysticStrummer2009d ago

I'm sure MS has deals with more than a few indie devs. We'll see what happens when those deals expire. Being under contract is a bit different from loving to work with the One and MS.

Belking2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Same goes for sony. MS has always had plenty of indie support for xbox 360 and that won't change for xbox one. There are some indie devs who still want publishers.

MysticStrummer2009d ago

"Same goes for sony"

Very true, but early indications are that Sony is more accommodating to indie devs. We'll see how things pan out as the generation goes along.

Belking2009d ago

Indie devs will anywhere that will make them money. They are no different than any other developers out there. They have contracts and when when they expire.....booom

MysticStrummer2009d ago

Once contracts expire, they have to decide whether to renew or move on. Money is a factor, no doubt, but not the only one and not necessarily the most important.

Belking2009d ago

Money is THE factor. Without it there would be no game. You guys listen to people like J. Blow and actually think he speaks for the whole development community. Xbox-one will have their support just like they have third party. This gen will be no different than the past.

ltachiUchiha2009d ago


Sorry to break it to u but if microsoft launches with these restrictions they will not have the same success they had next gen. You can welcome back the sales they had with the original xbox if their lucky.

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