GT5: Prologue European Site Update

The official European Gran Turismo 5: Prologue website has been updated with details on Cars, Tracks, GT TV and more...

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Rama262853764d ago

Sweet. So who's lucky enough to have this game already in the UK? I know some people are!

ravinash3764d ago

Its in the post. *GRIN*

pandabear3764d ago

Yes I have it :-)

I pre ordered with Game and it arrived this morning, at work just now so won't get to play it 6pm, just over 2 hrs to go :-)

Edit: No problems with the link for me - works fine

Watkins3764d ago

Great news item, the link is dead

Rama262853764d ago

It's working for me? Is anyone else having problems?

killer_trap3764d ago

it's working fine here. and who disagreed with your first post????