E3 2013: INFAMOUS: Second Son Demo Impression – Destructive PS4 Action - Game Insider

Make no mistake about it, Second Son is a next-generation title. From the smallest immaterial details within the city like the fidelity of a simple puddle of water to the highly textured explosions and character models, this and other PS4 titles we demoed were beyond impressive showpieces for the hardware. Like Cole it also appear Delsin enjoys his new found abilities, whether Delsin was born with his abilities or acquired them from the Infamous 2 fallout is yet to be known. One thing is certain, Delsin seems to be much more powerful than Cole.

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Azman0071982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

This game is awesome! I hope infamous becomes one of the biggest ps4 games one day because in my eyes its an xbox killer! Go playstion exclusives!!!!!