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"If you buy it, you own it": Sony CEO Andrew House tells all about PlayStation 4

“You could argue that it’s a storm in a teacup - a very vocal minority of passionate gamers,” says Sony Computer Entertainment chief executive Andrew House, speaking to Yahoo! News in Los Angeles this week. “This huge outpouring of feeling around the concept of ownership of content. But I have to say I don’t see it that way.”

British-born House was speaking in the wake of Sony’s press conference at the E3 game show, where Sony revealed that, unlike rival Microsoft, it would not use a digital rights management system to allow publishers to control the resale of used games. (PS4, Xbox One)

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DxTrixterz  +   655d ago
That's how it should be. You have a lot to learn M$ from Sony.
komp  +   655d ago
This story is like the worlds financial system.

SONY = GOLD (physical)
MS = FIAT CURRENCY, paper money (re ponzi scheme)

If the system collapses, your either left holding useless/worthless bits of paper that no one wants or your left holding physical gold.

I know which one I would want to have.
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isa_scout  +   655d ago
Very well said, bubble for you my friend.
Why o why  +   655d ago
It's proper scary and saddening to see people STILL making excuses for licensing like this for physical games. Anything to defend their console makers honour...even if its at their own detriment. Smh
ThanatosDMC  +   655d ago
Yeah, it's really sad. Just check those people on Xbone's facebook page. They're either hardcore fanboys that oblivious to being bent over or are MS employees to try to control the internet fires.
ainsz  +   655d ago
What bugs me is that today we're expected to be thankful for basic consumer rights. It should be industry standard and should be expected of the companies like Sony or MS to apply.
j-blaze  +   655d ago
if MS want to profit and make a good business there is still time to fix the mess they're in and learn from Sony...but i really doubt they'll do anything about it now...their loss
lucaskeller1  +   655d ago
Apparently ms forgot basic consumer rights, way to go microsoft
AllroundGamer  +   655d ago
it's the american way, the government owns you just like the companies... you own nothing even when you pay for it, you just borrow it.
scofios  +   655d ago
Microsoft " if you buy it we own it ".
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strigoi814  +   655d ago
Microsoft theme is "whats mine is mine and yours is mine"
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Honest_gamer  +   655d ago
u know my fiancee has the same theme :O
Protagonist  +   655d ago
"If you buy it, you own it"

My thoughts exactly!
TheTwelve  +   655d ago
It's amazing how basic customer service still works even when we're talking billions of dollars.
Omran  +   655d ago
Good job Sony
Thanks for saving
the gaming industry

Long Live Play
Software_Lover  +   655d ago
This is another Duplicate article.
BootyBandit  +   655d ago
Good. It can't be written, said, seen and heard enough. This should be reposted every 24 hours in every way imaginable. Maybe then MS will change their stance on consumer rights. We need parody in gaming so things will stay competitive. If MS gets away with what they're trying to pull consumers wont have any value in the product they purchase.

Sony is doing it right. The media, consumer and then the industry should line up behind and do what's right by and for the consumers and stop trying to nickel and dime us for every last cent they can get away with. Greed will destroy this or ANY industry. I want an XBOX ONE but not at the cost of my rights. Maybe the more MS sees the overwhelming positive reactions to Sony they to might change the might unnecessary restrictions they are trying to implement on the consumers.

More and more sites need to get behind and keep echoing what is in this article. Instead there are those that are trying to spin the opposite in a positive light. There is no positive about what is going on with MS regarding their next generation console. Sony get it! MS needs to as well.
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Honest_gamer  +   655d ago
well can you please find me the duplicate that it is of, i cannot find any interviews where he goes on about how the ps3 costs so much, the damage that did to the company, why having a lower price was a must, as well as the whole owning the disk thing.

edit @Software+Lover

Ah well when i copied and pasted the headline it came up similar one's and none was the same, i myself hate duplicated articles, didn't think this was one :/
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Software_Lover  +   655d ago
It was yesterday. The same headline was used for the same article. You "might" have used more than the original posting here on N4g, but its the same interview.
HurstDarkStar  +   655d ago
House says that the company chose to focus on core gamers because, “They are extremely influential - they are passionate consumers of other forms of entertainment beyond games. They are opinion formers. Other people go to them for advice on technology purchases.”

They murdered my heart with this line. They understand from their last generation that word a mouth can really hurt a company. I feel as though they are just heading back to their roots and it is working tremendously well for them.
illtornworld  +   655d ago
its always been like this Whydoes Sony tell gamers this we should know lolol :Ddid you see what i did
blacktiger  +   655d ago
"They are opinion formers. Other people go to them for advice on technology purchases.” That's so cool for them to speak about how smart gamers are when it comes to technology, and you know what, they are right about this comment. Now I'm starting to like Sony, even though I have PS3.
Chase51  +   655d ago
So happy to be leaving the xbox community for play station nation this year!!!:)
ironmonkey  +   655d ago
Its just sad what ms is doing. I Didnt mind the 360 but now it totally seems like a whole new different company in a bad way.
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TwistingWords  +   655d ago
Pushing all of the right buttons Sony!
BigPappaPump  +   655d ago
M$: "What's yours is mine".
Consumers: "WHAT'S MINE IS MINE"!
KillrateOmega  +   655d ago
I wish I had the ignorant bliss necessary to support a company, like MS, where what I buy isn't truly mine. Where there are restrictions left and right on what I can do with it.

It must be nice.

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EzioFan  +   655d ago
Jaqen_Hghar  +   655d ago
Could MS have timed this any worse? When all the news stations are talking about the NSA seeing and knowing everything regarding you people don't want to see a system that monitors you and has a camera always on (yes a man knows the camera can be off but the console is always on and has a camera so the people will come to their own conclusions).

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