The best games that made an appearance at E3 2013

The biggest expo in the video gaming industry, E3, has come and gone, and now that the dust has settled, GamerDino has taken a moment to look back and reminisce about the games that made the biggest impact at the show. Of course, there were many noteworthy titles that made an appearance at E3 2013, but if GamerDino had to go through all of them here, it would make for an extremely long read, so instead it just focuses on the potential smash-hits, as those are the ones that concern the biggest audiences.

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Irishguy952008d ago

Woulda stuck FF15 in, good list other than that.

diablue2008d ago

Done and done, Final Fantasy XV has been added to the list! It really deserves to be there.

diablue2008d ago

The long-anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront has now been added to the list, making for a total of 8 very ambitious games!