The Last of Us That's All I Got Trophy Guide

SegmentNext - "How to trigger all Ellie Jokes in The Last of Us to unlock That's All I Got trophy in the game".

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MooseWI2011d ago

Borrowing my buddies PS3 to play this. Can't wait. I really want to buy a PS3 but can only afford to get one off CL, and that scares me.

Off topic, but what do you think about buying one off CL?

Dunpeal2011d ago

CL is always a risk. I always have the person show me that the item is in proper working condition before handing over any cash. Of course even that is a risk, because maybe they know that the system crashes after an hour of use. In the end you just have to go off your gut feeling when interacting with the person. If it feels shady at any point, don't do it

MooseWI2011d ago

Thanks for the disagree whoever did that. Oh N4G..

Thanks for the info, I will just buy a referb from GameStop or just get a new one soon.

Soldierone2011d ago

Try Ebay, at least then you have buyer protection. Ebay normally favors the buyer over the seller anyways.

Craigslist varies from area to area. A lot of scam artists in lower end sides of town that will travel to a good side of town to rip you off. I sell things on there so it isn't All bad, but I've contacted people about all kinds of things, show up, see its a broken piece of garbage, and they still try to say "oh its fine!"

Dunpeal2011d ago

gotta love her joke about the splooge all over the Playgirl magazine lol

NihonjinChick2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I bought it but I haven't got around to playing it yet. I'll probably get around to it in a couple of days. From what I've been hearing, this is a game I'll probably enjoy.

chadboban2011d ago

Stupid store delayed my preorder, won't be able to get this until Monday :(

Ares902011d ago

I haven't got any trophy yet!

Dunpeal2011d ago

i admit I don't have the cojones to platinum this game. i nearly shit my pants playing the water level on normal. I can't even imagine how intense it gets on survival mode :(

AusRogo2011d ago

Same, the game is brutal and scary as hell!

Imalwaysright2011d ago

After 10 hours and 56% in, I only got one measly trophy :)

ShaunCameron2011d ago

I unlocked a grand total of 3 Trophies throughout the single-player campaign.

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