Killer Instinct Is Back And It Feels Like 1994 All Over Again | Siliconera Preview

Siliconera: The 2D fighter resurgence is finally complete with Killer Instinct for Xbox One. Double Helix is developing a new Killer Instinct game which was playable at E3. The demo only had two characters Jago who is essentially a Ryu clone and Saberwulf.

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UnHoly_One1984d ago

Even if it is the only game I get, I'm buying an XB1 just for this game.

The amount of money I poured into KI and KI2 in the arcades back in the day is embarrassing. I could probably buy 3 XB1's and 3 copies of this game with it. lol

Belking1984d ago

The game does look awesome. I think MS is also gonna bring back the classic KI too.