The Last of Us Selling Out In New Zealand

Even though The Last of Us only came out on June 14th, the game is already on backorder for some retailers in New Zealand.

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THC CELL1948d ago

Sold out in my city too.

pompombrum1948d ago

Lol puts Capcom to shame doesn't it thinking that the resident evil franchise needed to become more of an action game to sell better.

Marcello1948d ago

Yea and EA/Visceral thinking Dead Space needing the same action crap. Game has sold out here in Holland too, so shove that up yer bum crapcom & EA. The Customer is always right!!

ExtoVert1948d ago

I love this game, played close to 8 hrs nonstop. Had a issue with auto saving, set me back a few, but I dont mind gives me a chance to get things I missed and take a more tactical approach and not waste my ammo like my first play through.

FarEastOrient1948d ago

I'm supposed to go to work, I think I'm sick or is it because I haven't slept yet. Oh look the controller is still in my hands... I think a nap will be okay before work today.

Ezz20131948d ago

a masterpiece like this deserve to be played by every ps3 owner....we are very lucky to have ND

Excalibur1948d ago

Not hard to believe, it's a great game.

Nitrowolf21948d ago

I was surprised when I logged in to see so many people playing. Typically I never see this happening with my buddies.

kneon1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Yesterday 7 out of 12 on my friends list were playing it. That's never happened before.

vitullo311948d ago

Same no one on my friends list plays games like i do on day one.. But yesterday it actually happened with this game

kingPoS1948d ago

The game just draws you in. I found my self scraping for anything to get by. A two by four, a shank and a brick

And I haven't even touch on the online yet.

GraveLord1948d ago

Same thing happened to me. The only time I see this happen is with COD.

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Starbucks_Fan1948d ago

Got it for $45 on NewEgg :D

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The story is too old to be commented.