The Last of Us Review (MasonicGamer) I’m not here to turn this review into some of kind versus article but The Last of Us has managed to succeed in an area that Bioshock Infinite could only ever dream of. The relationship between Joel and Ellie will no doubt be a landmark moment in gaming whereas Elizabeth will be an example of how NOT to do it. Ellie isn’t your free “get out of jail” character, she’s not a walking ammo/health box. Having little Ellie throw a measly brick at someone just to help me out is a much more meaningful and powerful display of character than whatever gun turrets Elizabeth feels like bringing in for another dimension.

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babis19741985d ago

8,5/10...WRONG it's at 9,3-9,8!!!

GamerzElite1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I just completed the game, and its a masterpiece. Reviewer must be bad in video games.
Disagree for What?
Play urself or watch the videos of gameplay

Bimkoblerutso1984d ago

I just don't think it's a masterpiece, is all. The story and characters are unmatched (truly some of the best the industry has ever produced), but the combat is standard and fairly boring, the stealth is clunky, and the AI is pretty terrible.

Aside from that awesome story, things aren't nearly as visceral and disturbing as the early gameplay videos made it seem, simply because the low-points of the game remind you of just that: you're playing a game.

I would actually score it about 8.5-9, personally.

GamerzElite1984d ago

@ Bimkoblerutso If u are a lazy gamer then u feel boring, Game is about surviving, Protect that girl.. If u use ur mind to break the trap, that time it won't be boring. By the way give 9 or above 9 to sports game.

INMATEofARKHAM1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@ GamerzElite, believe it or not but sport games can, do, and should get high review scores too... When its deserved of course...

but in this case I feel that Bimkoblerutso is correct.

@ Bimkoblerutso, you are a hundred present correct. I've had way too many glitches, AI issues, scripted events to ever feel completely immersed... If the gameplay was removed and I just watched a movie of it I would likely enjoy it more... And that just isn't a quality of a great game.

I won't score it as I haven't finished it so maybe something happens game play wise that makes me change my tune... but I'm beginning to suspect that's not going to happen.

So, yeah, I think an 8.5 could be a vary fair score for The Last of Us.

EvilFluff911985d ago

Seriously what must a game do to get a 10 from these guys

ThanatosDMC1985d ago

It needs kill streaks and insta health recovery and dogs apparently.

ltachiUchiha1985d ago

See these kind of reviews i can accept because this is where the game should range around in scores because everyone has different opinions but when u mark it down to a 7.5 & lower & give games like remember me, re6, & state of decay a higher score then it will be more of just, "I Want Hits" because those 3 games might be fun but I can guarantee you the story & multiplayer & character interaction & ai doesnt hold a candle against the last of us. Try the game on hard & you will see what I mean.

Son_Lee1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The game is fantastic but it's not perfect. Then again, a game doesn't have to be "perfect" to get a perfect score. The AI is horrendous in some parts which lowers the unrivaled tension this game produces. That's pretty much my only negative, but I'd be inclined to give it a perfect score because of its body of work.

Then again, it's all opinions at the end of the day, and I respect that when they're backed up.

Chapter111984d ago

A game doesn't have to be perfect to get a perfect score? Do you realize how absurd that sounds?

andibandit1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

It's not absurd at all, it's how the gaming industry amongst others, work these days. I see lot's of perfect scores handed out, but lets face it NO game is perfect.
The grading system isn't particularly good either, a grade of 10 steps leaves some room for ounding errors, e.g. a 9.8 might be considered a 10.

goldwyncq1985d ago

I'm really curious as to why anyone would give this game anything below a 9. There's no such thing as a perfect game but this game is the closest one to perfection this generation.

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