E3 2013 Preview: Bayonetta 2 is action-packed with an added co-op - JPS

'If there’s one game that excites me the most on the Nintendo Wii U, it’s the sequel to Platinum Games’ Bayonetta. Luckily at E3, it was one of those games that I got to spend some time with. My overall reaction? I’m very satisfied as it manages to retain the action-packed gameplay and Bayonetta’s sexiness of course.' - JPS

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videogamemike9762008d ago

This game could be a contender for game of the year next year, great action, story, character, new game play, nintendo had a great show, and this game was one of the best.

Blacklash932006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

They never said anything about the 2-player mode other than that it existed and was seperate from the main game. No details about Jeanne being in it or even if it was co-op. I doubt they would divulge any further details exclusively with these guys. (And Jeanne was not the antagonist of the last game.)

I wonder if these previewers even played the first game, given the comments about the visuals being the same. The lighting is better, the colors are more vibrant, the backrounds are more detailed and animated, and the textures look a little crisper. It's not a graphical leap, but it is very noticable.