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Microsoft and Sony currently offer two very different digital download services. Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade offers mostly simple games, both in design and presentation. New games are released regularly and for decent prices. Sony's PSN offerings for the PS3 have been very different. So far the service has received an online version of Tekken 5, brilliant multiplayer action game Warhawk, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and more. But WipEout HD could top them all in the "this is good enough to be sold in stores" stakes.

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shadowghost7523649d ago

This game will absolutely rock!

Rama262853649d ago

Does anyone know whether this is a download only game? I had the impression from previous previews that it'd be available on Blu-ray also. I prefer to have a physical disc rather than a download...

Definitely looking forward to this game though, especially online racing!

mighty_douche3649d ago

I would of thought that like Warhawk and GT5p, it will be avaliable on both, BR and PSN.

And i agree, like you, i would rather have it on disc.

Trick Nolte3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Yup, its ONLY downloadable so we cant run out to a retailer and buy this one which kinda sux because I too would rather have a hard copy. At any rate, this game is a must have for me so I will take it any way that I can get it =)

Honolulu3649d ago

I think there's a traditional version of wipeout coming out as well I believe, read it somewhere some time ago IIRC. Just like as it is with GTHD/GT5P, I jsut hope they skip the prologue part with wipeout and go directly to the release of the fullfledged title.

This is one franchises that should work really well as a downloadable with online-play only. :)

Yi-Long3649d ago

I believe it comes with only 8 tracks, right?
So most likely, they will release more tracks in a few months time, and charging you extra for it.

I fear this will just be another DLC scam, where you end up paying a lot extra for stuff that could and probably should have been in the released version from the get-go...

So that's my only worry, and could be a reason for me to not pick this up.

Other than that, it looks very fun.

bloop3649d ago

In previous Wipeouts, the tracks used to have 2/3 different courses, short, medium and long etc. (if my memory serves me correctly). Maybe it's the same here? It would def be worth downloading if that was the case.