Final Fantasy X Is Prettier In HD, But Still Needs Work | Siliconera Preview

Siliconera: Square Enix had a demo of the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster and I got to play through the introduction of Final Fantasy X. Only Final Fantasy X was playable and the demo had a familiar title screen.

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ThyMagicSword1862d ago

Still the same old shit in a new Shell. The Shell is starting to break...

1862d ago
3-4-51861d ago


Of course it's the same.

They didn't remake it in today's graphics ?

They expect 2013 graphics from a games made in 2002 ?

-Gespenst-1862d ago

These are all things that are obviously going to be fixed. Nit-picking.

worldwidegaming1862d ago

I hear you. Rather than spend money on something new they just go in the bargin bin and spit shine the same old shoes...
now in ultra HD! Final fantasy, reimagined!

NexGen1862d ago

Don't get it then. I'm looking forward to it, as well as x-2 international which had no English support. That alone is worth it for me.

Xof1861d ago

I think most gamers would rather see more HD ports and remakes of Square's Final Fantasies and Enix's Dragon Quests than more games like FFXIII or DQX.

Tdmd1861d ago

Yup, XII and DQVIII HD would be lovely.

stragomccloud1861d ago

DQVIII I believe is getting a makeover for Vita in Japan, and VII remake came out for 3DS. These need to come here. My 3DS and my Vita are both waiting.

Xof1861d ago

I've heard exactly zero about a DQ8 for the Vita.

And if it were a real thing, and it were on the Vita, that wouldn't exactly be good news, as Square Enix gave up on releasing Dragon Quest overseas several years ago, and I don't see Sony following Nintendo's example.

stragomccloud1860d ago

Looks like the VIII rumor was a rumor that was debunked some time ago. That's most unfortunate.

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worldwidegaming1861d ago

Not saying its crap, i just wished they would add something more than HD.
Redo some of the stuff that did not work out or maybe was cut out.
Also id love a japanese voice option!
Going forward has always been square enix goal but the direction has not been good.