Nintendo E3 2013 Wii U Game Previews - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, Nintendo's David Young walks us through the latest Wii U games in this exclusive interview.

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creHEARTive1980d ago

Wii U needs something new. A new IP could change things.

chadboban1980d ago

But they did show a new IP. Two as a matter of fact. Shame Nintendo doesn't market them better, more people should know about these games.

gamerlive1980d ago

Nintendo had a quiet E3 but some killer apps, now they need a price cut.

MrAnderson1980d ago

They already lose money on their console, you really think they're gonna cut the price? lol

Dannycr1980d ago

They did it with the 3DS. So what's your point?

Their lineup for the rest of the year is pretty weak (at least until december) and with the new consoles coming, their current price is too high for last gen technology.

NewJersian1980d ago

Looking at what they did, I think Nintendo did just what they needed to. Bring out some classic character games, like Mario and DK. These games will hold the players over until the next Zelda game and franchises like that. I think "Quiet" is good right now. They could be having the backlash that Microsoft is having from their E3.

DivineAssault 1980d ago

Nintendo played it safe by showing exactly what we were expecting.. Only thing is that Mario 3D world, smash bros, & DK ended up being a disappointment to me personally.. I expected the games to be beyond just a 3DS game in HD.. Mario Kart had great draw distances, great frame rates, & looks to be a decent upgrade from the 3DS mario kart 7.. Bayo 2 & X looked great but the graphics on wii u are begining to look dated when u look at nx gen titles.. Dont matter though, fun is fun & its HD so it wont look like total crap like the wii did..