Cause of Most Early Vista Crashes Revealed : NVIDIA drivers and Others

It has been well documented, and most users are well aware, that the launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista in January 2007 wasn't without severe driver compatibility problems.

So, who was to blame and where did it all go pear-shaped? Though Microsoft's Vista is far from perfect, the problem lay with third party manufacturers and their lacklustre driver support and preparation for Microsoft's new flagship operating system.

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decapitator3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

This doesn't sound good. Hope they are working on a patch asap.

pharmd3712d ago

i still blame vista.... its an operating system for gods sake, its job is to OPERATE!

Bladestar3712d ago

@pharmd - of course you do. I don't think you have the technical understanding to understand that in order for an OS to "Operate" properly the hardware must work based on the requirements of the environment is running on. This is the main reason why Mac OS are more reliable, Apple picks the hardware their OS run on. You can't just grab any video card and hardware and add it to your mac. You have to buy the hardware from Apple, hardware that's certified and tested. The PC biggest strength is also it's biggers weakness. The ability to support more hardware than any other OS is great but also a big problem when hardware not designed for the OS or when hardware manufacturers don't propertly test their hardware can cause the OS to go down.

Apple works side by side with one very specific manufacturer to make thing work the best they can.... Apple computers are like consoles... hardware is the same... how the hell is not going to work properly?

Maybe microsoft should be the one picking the hardware like apple does in the future... make future versions of windows Run only drivers that they specifically certify and are designed to run with their OS.... ohh wait! they can't do that... that would be monopoly... hardware makers would go nutz....

I have a vista machined I build... I picked each individual part based on reviews and feedback from buyers. I have double the recomended specs... The only problems I had with vista was with CS2 which crashed like 2 times... Adobe released a vista patch and problem gone.

BrianC62343712d ago

pharmd - I agree with you. Microsoft is the one to blame in the end. They wrote the operating system. I doubt Nvidia and other third parties are making poor drivers to hurt Vista. How would that help? Vista just isn't very good. Most of the features people really wanted were removed because it was too complicated. I guess Microsoft bit off more than they could chew on this one.

I just don't see a real reason to upgrade to Vista. The 64-bit support is horrible and if you can't upgrade for that why bother. Windows XP still works good enough.

dork07833712d ago

Everytime i go on my media center to watch my recorded tv the program always closses down everytime without any warning every 10 seconds it closses it just dissapper what could be problem.People tell the same thing over and over "IT HAS A VIRUSS" Well how can you fix it then please MY video gamer's help me out.

ravenguard883712d ago

Microsoft re-writes it's entire operating system, and gets mediocre support from important manufacturers when it comes to drivers. Essentially, Microsoft, free of charge, gives these manufacturers a better tool set, and a more stable platform, and when they don't have enough time or manpower Microsoft is blamed for the craptacular drivers built by other hardware companies.

Azurite3712d ago

it would help making first rate drivers.

Ludwig3712d ago

Like linux drivers right? LMAO