The Rejuvenation Of Final Fantasy

Kotaku: "It's been a long time since I've heard people get excited—really, genuinely, can't-stop-talking-about-t his excited—when it comes to Final Fantasy, but here we are. Square's newest game, a striking contrast to E3's cacophony of shooters and cars, has created the type of buzz that only a series like Final Fantasy could. Conversations with RPG fans in Los Angeles this week have usually come around to the same topic: 'Did you see that trailer? Holy sh*t, right?'"

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Godmars2901956d ago

I like what I saw, but what I saw wasn't FF - it was an action game.

Nevermind that they've apparently already begun planning direct sequels before they've even released the game.

Did I miss something? Was the actual - remaining - fan reaction positive towards FF13?

SexyGamerDude1955d ago

Or course they're already planning sequels. If you go to any article, you will see people praising Versus\15. And the game is't even out yet.

pompombrum1955d ago

So just because there is a somewhat positive reaction (still mixed by my count) to the initial announcement of the game, they are already planning sequels? Sounds like they're getting way ahead of themselves and haven't learned anything from this gen.

Eamon1955d ago

Well, what you saw wasn't a turn-based game.

If it has a story worthy enough to be compared to older FFs then it is Final Fantasy to me.

pompombrum1955d ago

Wait what, have they confirmed that they are looking at sequels already? New CEO, same crappy company by the sounds of it.

3-4-51955d ago

They are doing what they did with FF7...but it's more like a FF7/8 hybrid game from how it looks.

This is going to be what FF needs.

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the_bebop1956d ago

Why are people so surprised about FFXV, especially the gameplay it was always going to be a Action JRPG from the start.

wishingW3L1955d ago

I don't understand it either.

Hadoukameha1955d ago

I hear this shit a lot; we knew VERSUS was action based. VERSUS was a spinoff. Now it's 15. Now we're mad.

Son_Lee1956d ago

I'm sick of all the supposedly "fans" bashing Final Fantasy and saying it's not an RPG. Go back to your classic turn-based affairs because you have no place in current times. Final Fantasy has ALWAYS been about change; no two installments are the same. This will be as much an RPG as any other in the series. Quit your whining!

SexyGamerDude1955d ago

Those supposable fans must not be real RPG players. Or else they would have known that all JRPGs aren't turned based and it's been like that for a while.

pompombrum1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

This is more like Call of Duty suddenly announcing it's turning into a third person shooter. From the footage I've seen, this is almost like a change in genre based on the combat footage alone.

The turn based stuff isn't what I'm attached to. It's the fact that previous Final Fantasy games required a lot of strategy to win fights and to maximize your potential. On top of that you had multiple people to control and use which allowed for much more depth and you could choose your favoured team based on your own personal preferences. This is what made the previous FF games good and providing they remain faithful to this strategic approach, I'll be happy.

On the other hand, if it's a watered down action game with rpg elements, I'll be extremely disappointed in Square and will laugh at anyone who attempts to refer to it as a more modernized approach.

voodoopickle1955d ago

im excited for it as long as they add the open world map back in it that hasn't been around since 9, and have a good leveling system like the old FF's as well

Firan1955d ago

"Final Fantasy has ALWAYS been about change"

I don't mind that it's an action RPG. What I do mind is the fact that they have already announced sequels. As you said, FF has always been about change. Not this gen since we only got FFXIII games and FFXIV. Do you really want only FFXV games for next-gen? I sure don't.

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Wni01955d ago

oh yeah final fantasy was really impressive... not.

Wni01955d ago

if they spent half the time on gameplay as they did on cinematics we would have a pretty good game. style>substance.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1955d ago

FF is a dead franchise and has been for years. FF13 was bad but FF15 looks even worse. Now they don't even make RPGs anymore. Just more action games. I don't expect them to make a REAL Final Fantasy anytime soon. It's going to be linear FF games or Kingdom Hearts clones with a FF title slapped on the box from now on.

SexyGamerDude1955d ago

You do realize that KH falls under the category of RPG, right?

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