4 Things Microsoft Needs to Change in order to Appeal to Gamers

We just want a device that we can play games on, why is Microsoft making this so difficult?

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TripC501983d ago

Go home and rethink your life Microsoft.

JokesOnYou1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

No, not for me.

"1. Drop required Kinect" -No, Kinect is a central part of how X1 Kinect no using these voice commands, and more importantly reducing Kinect to an optional peripheral does not encourage devs to explore proper Kinect implementation into games. I like what Mass Effect3 did and Ryse will do more, and so on, continue improving immersion into our games.

"2.Relax their Used Games policy"
"It’s simple; Microsoft should allow used games to be easily transferable." -They already have you can sell your game once, or you can SHARE YOUR GAMES WITH UP TO 10 FRIENDS, instantly, anytime, anywhere.

"3. Get rid of their Online Policy" -No, once again this is central to their online strategy, its a trade off for convenience since all your games/profile are accessible anywhere and of course if they don't make you authenticate then you could download once and then that disc can be given away or sold unlimited times they can't possibly enforce drm without the brief authentication every 24hrs.

4. Stop the “All-in-one” Entertainment Push -Why? Its called different than sony's "It only does everything" marketing, plus they showed they are focused on games where it counted, at E3.

-Bottom line, million will love HOW X1 works, if YOU don't then buy something else.

pompombrum1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Yeah but you probably work for them so your opinion is irrelevant.

O and 5: Replace whoever is responsible for 1-4

Foxgod1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I can only agree with Jokesonyou, any mature gamer can deal with MS their policy.
People these days are sensitive over the smallest things.

SilentGuard1982d ago

1. Many people are turned off by Kinect and the extra $100 it is putting in the cost of the console. I get making sure everyone has the same hardware but they could at least make it unpluggable. A lower priced sku without Kinect would do much to ensure people buy the system. Kinect appeals to casuals, and casuals do not buy the most expensive console. If Kinect turns out to be so great people can buy it later as an add-on.
2. Used games is a non-issue. The smart way to reduce used games/trades is to make digital distribution attractive. All MS had to do was have games release earlier and at a lower price point than physical copy. The cost is lower without manufacturing, shipping, and packaging. Only apply the cloud family sharing to digital games. Most people would end up buying digital and the used market would dry up on its own.
3. Why can't they enforce their DRM without authenticating games once every 24 hours? They could just as easily do it by requiring connection online only when installing games.
4. Nothing wrong with a console that can do more than play games. It's one point I actually like. But MS shouldn't try to make its console compete against Smartphones and will lose.

-Bottom Line, PS4 is cheaper, more powerfull, and better designed with none of the headache causing restrictions.

CRAIG6671982d ago

I agree with you fully Jokesonyou, I just wish all the other guys would stop jumping in on the xbox threads touting perpetual doom and gloom, talk about insecure...

Dfooster1982d ago

You say no because everything that's restrictive is central to how the Xbox one works.

I think you are completely missing the point of the article to be honest.

4Sh0w1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

nah Dfooster, Jokes is well informed, what you label as restrictive I call convenient "always online"= my console is constantly updating in the background, like most people I'm already connected all the time, sort of like my cell phone, I never lose internet for more than a few minutes. "Used games restriction"= I don't like but now I can share with more friends than I ever did anyway, win for me. "Kinect"= well I'm one of the few that enjoys playing Kinect now with my kids. "All in one"= I don't know how this made the list anyway, of course I don't want my console to only play games, anymore than I want my cell phone to only make phone calls, it has a Blu-ray player and multi-functionality is a plus, unless its at the expense of gaming, nothing indicates Microsoft is doing this because of their current billions invested into studios and games which was evident at E3.

What point is he missing?

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Docknoss1982d ago

I remember when I had a life, now all I do is get on N4G and Mud Sling the Xbox one. Worthless waste of life I am...

CRAIG6671982d ago

Strange ain't it, even if I were a so called "xbot" I could never imagine myself jumping in on every playstation thread trying my best to make it look like a dubious investment... strange?

Docknoss1982d ago

@Craig667- with the invention of social media everyone thinks there opinion matters. Same with celebrities and they're political views. No one cares

4Sh0w1982d ago

oops Docknoss I meant to hit Agree.

Godmars2901983d ago

So basically they need to change, everything.

Mikelarry1982d ago

which i highly doubt a qoute from mehdi " we expected the backlash, gamers don't like change"

4Sh0w1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

No, actually Microsoft seems to be embracing their vision, and they basicly said if you don't like it don't buy it. (buy a 360 comment) Apple has very closed policies that I personally don't like and people just accept it because they like the product so much, sure they like things about Android OS, operations, products and business model but they chose an iPhone over the others anyway. Why do people have a double standard when it comes to Microsoft? Apple does not apologize to people who love Android or frankly to their customers who don't like it when the new iPhone requires you to buy new products because the connector is new, they basicly say "Hey this is our plan for the future, you either get on board or buy something else", yet millions still say OK I want a iPhone5.

I know this is a console not cell phone but the idea is still revelant, Why does it seem mostly that sony fans want xbox to be like playstation, I actually like how completely different Nintendo and sony are as when it comes to their strategy, games, online, etc and now I'm really liking how micro is saying "hey this is our vision" and they are exactly right, gamers dont like change, but you don't have to "change", look left there is Nintendo, look right there is sony, if that means X1 will be far back in 3rd place then fine, I wont enjoy playing with Kinect and all that comes with X1 any less just because X1 has a lower market share than the others. Last gen besides online cost and obviously different exclusives 360 and ps3 felt basicly very much the same, now for better or worst X1 seems to really have a different way of doing things. Its about choice, not forcing your wants down the throats of everybody else who supports these decisions.

CRAIG6671982d ago

Well said, I feel the same, If I didnt like it I would forgo purchasing it and move on, as it stands 24hr check in is fine,it's not like my PC, 360 and ps3 ain't always connected? and as for the DRM, for me personally the benefits FAR outweigh and perceived negatives,so to me even with the higher price compared to sony's offering I feel the xbox will do more things me and the rest of the family want.

Excalibur1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Agreed with everything listed and in the order they listed it.

AND with Number one should come and automatic price drop AND ease people's minds about their built in surveillance system so they could kill 3 birds with one stone and put them back in the running.

The biggest thing M$ needs to understand is people get enough mandates in life, we don't want to be dictated to on how we enjoy our downtime as well.

maniacmayhem1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

My only concern is the used games issue. I want to rent a game from Gamefly or Redbox, pop it in my X1 and play it as I would a 360 game.

I find it funny that people have a problem with the whole "All In One" campaign. Wasn't Sony's "It can only do everything" not too long ago? Why the problem with this slogan now? If it can do all and still play games then so what?

MikeMyers1982d ago

Exactly but people will still focus on certain things and believe their own arguments.

1. Not going to happen. By having Kinect in every system that means it won't be treated like a peripheral. It's like asking Nintendo to drop the Wii U Gamepad. When you treat devices like a peripheral like Sony is doing wit their Eye camera hardly anyone will ever take advantage of it. This happened on the Ps2 and the hard drive and the Playstation Move which was a great product but had little support.

2. This could change, it's all software based and I imagine it will be tweaked.

3. This could also be changed but Microsoft is going in a new direction, I doubt they will relax on this. They want automatic updates for everyone, they want people to share their game library with 10 family members, they want games to be copied to the cloud. This is about instant access from anywhere. Like it or not we are already heading into an always on environment.

4. This is stupid. Why would they stop advertising it as more than a game system? The market is much larger beyond games. It has an HDMI input. They want this to be an entertainment box. As long as game development doesn't slow down who cares? Right now Microsoft has more games in development than the history of the Xbox.

kewlkat0071982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I never understood that myself.

Having Kinect part of the system ensures that developers will be able to do what they want with it and implement it in games because EVERYBODY HAS ONE.

That is the point..having it as some peripheral, who knows what kind of support it might get, especially if its just a little niche of people that might buy it.

In the short run, the price is a little extra but in the long run, it becomes part of the system and not just a gimmick. Remember, these consoles will be around for at least 10 years.

MikeMyers1982d ago

You also don't even need to wear a headset now do you since it does voice? Now that the camera is far more accurate maybe they can actually prove it's a viable addition to the controller. The thing can actually read your heart rate.

Microsoft is going in a new direction, they want everyone to be connected, have the cloud be a major part of it, have Kinect be standard so you can speak to turn it on and things like that as well as it auto-signing people in and knowing where the controller is and who is holding it. They have the right to go in a new direction just like Nintendo did with the Wii. We don't need 3 consoles all doing the same thing.

4Sh0w1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

yeah, I don't get that either, make Kinect optional sure it would be cheaper but it would ruin everything they are trying to do with intergrating it into everything their trying to do with the platform, games, UI, media, Skype, movies, apps, it all works with Kinect hell even indies like Below are using it. Its like telling Tesla Motors to make electric optional in their new model S, NO they don't want your business if you don't want electric. Its very simple.

SilentGuard1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I'm sure MS will implement a game rental service through live, they would be stupid not to...wait, maybe they won't.

maniacmayhem1982d ago

Lol, A game rental service would be awesome. If they could do that then I would definitely get an X1.

But knowing MS there would be some insane restrictions and rules and super tall hurdles to jump through just to get it.

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