Grand Theft Auto IV to be Banned?

What impact could this morning's publication of Dr Tanya Byron's review on video games ratings have on the release of Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV)?

The study recommends that video games should have cinema style ratings and this should be a statutory requirement instead of the voluntary code currently in place. This could mean big changes in what games are available and whether they can even make it into the shops without having large parts of the gameplay experience cut from the final release (as happens with films).

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decapitator3763d ago

Hope not. The game will probably face a lot of criticism but am sure Rockstar will pull through just like they did with Manhunt 2. It won't be easy though.

MURKERR3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

button down the hatches,mass hysteria everywhere

puurrrrrlease gta4 is not going to be banned i watched her interview she basically said children should be supervised by their parents and an 18 game should be just that, played by 18s and over


kosha3763d ago

us gamers have taken some stick over the years and game ratings are always complained about by the goverment. Remeber the mass effect sex scene when we saw the side of a breast and people were saying it should be banned. If gta4 is banned there will be riots on the streets guaranteed

Exhaust3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

No way anything could be passed in a months time. GTA IV is safe no matter what this doctor's study says. This site just wanted to get hits. They honestly can't believe anything could change in a month...

Just like the rest of us I got sucked in by the title. I want the minute of my life back I lost reading this garbage.

I know one thing I'll go lone wolf if GTA IV gets banned.

Mr Scooch3763d ago

This "report" has been commissioned by the government in the UK and covers Gaming and internet in relation to kids.

I'm slightly worried as before Gordon Brown became Prime Minister he was on a panel that was looking into banning "violent" games. Now he's PM he'll obviously have far more weight to push around.

16 and 18 rated games should be just that! I'm 33 and I've been playing since I was about 8. I don't want my gaming to be ballsed up due to some little kids wanting to play the latest adult game. It's down to the shops to stop selling to kids.

The other day I was in Game and saw the bloke behind the counter talking to a kid of about 12 with his mum saying "have you got Rainbow Six 2 yet?". The kids mum just stood there looking bored and not paying attention. I know I should've stepped in and said something but thought it wasn't my place to do so.

Consoles should be for grown ups only and anyone under the age of 18 found playing them should be shot in the knees (that way I'll have a good reason to stop my daughters from hogging my 360 haha)

the_gaming_guy3762d ago

^^shut up^^

I'm 16, and I play all types of games.

My 360 collection includes

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Assassin's Creed
Gears of War
Call of Duty 4
Test Drive Unlimited
Halo 3

and I am soon to own GTAIV

I love gaming, and I do nothing in the real world represented by these games.

Playing PGR does not make me want to race the streets of London.
Playing Halo does not make me want to wear some damn suit of armor.
Playing Call of Duty does not make me want to go to war.

So be quiet.

gta_cb3762d ago

although i do agree with you as i played the original GTA on PS1 when i was only 10 i do sometimes find myself wishing these 12-16 year olds wounded play 18 rated games, just the way they act i suppose, although obviously im not saying you act the same way.

AzaziL3762d ago

Adults only games, they have the rating but never use it (for the fact that the none of the top three consoles will approve any A-O rated release). It's the next logical step in the gaming industry, figuring that theres a good majority of gamers who are 18 and over. If anything, it would improve the situation since A-O games could be treated in the same category as porn, booze, or cigarettes, meaning chances of a kid being able to buy one at the store will be little to none. Plus games will finally be more mature and less censored without the worry of backlash from gaming watchdogs.

Mr Scooch3762d ago

To The Gaming Child 1.6,

Congratulations on owning those games, you must be very proud of yourself.

My point is that I don't make the rules, but if you break the rules, which in turn leads to me not being able to play an 18 rated game due to it being banned, then I'm going to want stricter guidlines imposed on selling to children.

I don't agree that kids playing violent games turns them into maniacs, but some people in power do think that and ultimately that effects or will effect me playing the games I want to play!!!

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ChrisGTR13763d ago

this game is shure to be banned.... in germany. all R rated games are banned there.

decapitator3763d ago

True but that don't stop the hardcore gamers from still illegally acquiring them though. It will raise a lot of controversies. I can already see FAUX news jumping on this.

ChrisGTR13763d ago

u mean.. weazel news. ;)

Ghoul3763d ago

@ decap

its not illegal to buy them its only illegal to advertise them if they are banned in germany

only if they are "beschlagnahmt" "forbidden" they are illegal wich only happens to games with swasticas and really really excessive violence

nn3763d ago

it has been already reviewed by USK.

keine Jugendfreigabe gemäß § 14 JuSchG

pwnsause3763d ago

if it was reviewed and rated in Germany(possibly the toughest raters in world who have the power to ban games) then it wont be banned anywhere else.

ChrisGTR13763d ago

gears and dead rising were banned. i guess RE5 will be too since they dont like zombie games apparently

Ghoul3762d ago

gears wasnt even released in germany
and Dead rising is seized

LJWooly3762d ago

How well do WW2 games sell in Germany?

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shadowghost7523763d ago

wud be a large hit to the uk games industry if it is banned in the uk.

If it is i might have to import it from USA,coz my ps3 is region free

Jack Bauer3763d ago

banning games is censorship... censorship is what communists do.

decapitator3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

EDITED: Thanks to Frnicatr

Damn, communists.

Skerj3763d ago

What about all the standards and practices committees that roam free around the States?

Frnicatr3763d ago

Russia isn't communist... You're thinking Soviet Union

ravinash3763d ago

Censorship is nothing new. Its been around for as long as Movies and even books have been around.
Its not just the Communist countries that do it either. Anywhere where this is a group in power who don't agree with the media being produced will try to stop it, whether its for religious reasons or what ever.
Hell, just yesterday they lifted a ban stopping the Rolling Stones playing in Blackpool thats been in place for 44 years.

Gorgon3763d ago

"banning games is censorship... censorship is what communists do."

And americans.

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mighty_douche3763d ago

Nothing will happen to GTA, it's got an 18's on the side of the box, its contents should then be unrestricted.

decapitator3763d ago

I agree with you that it probably won't cause too much problems in EU but here in US.. Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton are waiting patiently along with FAUX news to jump up all over this.

I'd import if anything hinders this game's release here in the US.

Yi-Long3763d ago

... she will absolutely lose the election, cause americans hate censorship and her opponents can attack her on the 1st ammendment and all that, plus she'll have to exolain why GTA4 is that much worse than pretty much any other shooter etc.

So yeah, she might jumo on this, and get some votes from ignorant soccermoms, yet she would lose the vote of rational americans, or just americans who dont want to be censored by their goverment...

And Jack Thompson is a nobody. He belongs in a nuthouse.

I have no idea if this game will be censored in Europe, cause maybe Germany can cause some problems again (Ninja Gaiden was censored because of Germany's dumb laws...), but I will NOT buy a censored game.
If Europe only gets a censored version, I predict the number of modded consoles will shoot right up.

kingme713763d ago

Hillary needs to censor Bill before she should worry about the rest of America.

ban fans3763d ago

While I admire your enthusiasm (and absolutely agree with you on Jack Thompson), this would not affect Hilary's run for president at all. I think it should, but it won't. Unfortunately, we gamers have no real voice in the government at this time. Yes, we all hate censorship, but the way this issue has been handled by the media (and I mean all media) is that it all gets downplayed and put on show like they did some thing good by protecting our youth from these harmful "video game things".

It is unfortunate, but until the game industry really starts pushing and lobbying for what is right, we will continue to get swept under the rug and ignored. When my local news covered the whole Manhunt 2 controversy, I wrote to point out that the game is intended for adults only (which they conveniently left out of the report) and that they should do a story on games created for and by adults, I was ignored. Until we stand up en mass and fight for our rights, this will continue and the vast majority won't care.

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