Everything You Want to Know About the Xbox 360 Stingray

FleshEatingZipper says: "At Microsoft’s E3 press conference they announced a redesigned Xbox 360 to look more like the Xbox One design. I thought it was a very strange move but some of the guys here thought it was a cost savings thing for Microsoft. It turns out it wasn't 'we redesigned Xbox 360 to give it a fresh new design and a similar look and feel to Xbox One. Although we're very excited about Xbox One, we remain dedicated to Xbox 360 now and for years to come.'"

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TFXR1647d ago

How quick we are too forget. Sony said PS2 would last 10 years and debuted the PS3 5 years later. Sony said PS3 would last 10 years and debuted the PS4 7 years later. MICROSOFT CAN'T WIN, YO.

Majin-vegeta1647d ago

Ok i'm tired of explaining this to people.But here we go.Ill write so you can understand.



TFXR1647d ago

You're arguing with a point I didn't make. My point was that Microsoft isn't propping the 360 because of the Xbox One debacles, but because they always do that. Neg repping MS for supporting their current console while supporting a new one is dumb, dumb, dumb.

NeXXXuS1646d ago

Majin-vegeta is right. Please read and understand his post.

Parapraxis1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Who the hell is "Neg repping MS for supporting their current console"????
Man you have some screws loose. Gamers are fine with the new 360, it's FINE, nobody is being negative about it!

"Microsoft isn't propping the 360 because of the Xbox One debacles, but because they always do that"
No. They don't.
They dropped the original XBOX like a rock. Maybe you were just too young to remember.

Godchild10201647d ago

Why didn't they call it Xbox 360 One?

kellykarnetsky1647d ago

Better yet, why redesign it again?

Foxgod1646d ago

To put it in one line with the One, to make it easier to promote their new looks on their lines of consumer products.

Parapraxis1646d ago

The previous revision was fine, this is unnecessary and looks too much like Xbox One, but whatever, newer HW usually means more efficient, so great!

CaulkSlap1646d ago

A redesign is fine. But either the features need to change and/or the price needs to drop. Same HDD variations at the same price is just a joke.
Microsoft seems dead set on doing nothing right these days.

Grave1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

How many people will upgrade their current 360? All of my friends are not getting XBONE and they have no reason to get this revamp.

Dlacy13g1646d ago

I would have liked to see a price drop for this new well as a price drop from Sony and Nintendo.

kewlkat0071646d ago

I'm sure there will be a price drop..maybe when the news consoles hit and are selling...

Software_Lover1646d ago

Not interested in a new 360. My slim is fine. Wouldn't be interested in a new ps3 either if they changed designs.

Nicholasgliss1646d ago

This only means one thing: last gen-one slim redesign; this gen-two slim redesigns; next gen-three slim redesigns. M$ added a $100 dollar wi-Fi adapter, an HDMI output while flipping off the first 360 owners. At least my 60 gig backward compatable(true) ps3 has more functions than the new slims.

Software_Lover1646d ago

You guys have really mastered the art of taking articles/blogs to places they dont need to, huh?

Nicholasgliss1645d ago

@Software_lover: Every word I said has to do with slim redesigns. You have mastered the art of nitpicking. Comments section are made to spark conversation not birth trolls like you.

NegativeCreepWA1646d ago

Yeah, because adding things to a console is bad, while taking things away is good, like Sony did with both the PS2 and PS3.

Nicholasgliss1645d ago

@NegativeCreepWA: Obvious things should be included on day one like wifi and HDMI. Taking away stuff that is just an added cost like the multi card reader makes sense. Do you see the world in black and white or are you trolling like a negative creep?

Nicholasgliss1645d ago

Troll say bad! Troll like good! Argh !

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