Banned Xbox One Players Lose all of their Games

Recently confirmed by @XboxSupport on twitter, if your account has been banned you will lose the license to any games attributed to that account.

@dohertymark If your account is banned, you also forfeit the licenses to any games that have licenses tied to it as listed in the ToU. ^AC

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport1) June 14, 2013

This news comes as yet another blow to the perceived attack on gamers...


There have been multiple updates to this article, each with varying importance. However, the final update sums up most of it.

"Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, in a video interview with Reddit, has clarified banning and other tough topics. Within one minute of the video he is asked whether banned users will lose access to their games, in which he responds “absolutely not.”

So it looks like Banned users will not lose their disc based games. We will see for sure how the rest of it shakes out once the full Xbox One Terms of Service are released. So until then, keep calm and know that the people at Microsoft, while not always on message, are not stupid.

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joeyisback1982d ago

Sony should advertise about Microsoft DRM feature kill them even more

JokesOnYou1982d ago ShowReplies(16)
FamilyGuy1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Holy sh.... it just gets worse and worse.

Activation/authentication codes are tied to your account, once that account is banned your rights to that game are gone with it.

They can fix this buy having ban levels though.
Online ban
Specific game ban
System ban
Account ban
User ban

With the account ban you also lose your Live Gold subscription, something you also paid for.

It'd be a good idea to simply... not get banned, is it really all that hard not to be a trouble maker?

Kingthrash3601982d ago

true.....trouble makers should be banned... take something you paid for is just rape.
But.....if banned for piracy you should lose access to thos pirated games.
BUT the 24 hour check in should solve the piracy problems tho right?

Bobby Kotex1982d ago

Yeah trouble makers should be banned, but it's the concept of buying a game without really owning it. This should be of concern to all gamers. If the Xbone is successful it will set a very bad precedent for the future.

Consoldtobots1982d ago

It's be a good idea to a PS4 and tell MS what they can do with their Orwellian system.

UNGR1982d ago

Don't mod, pretend to mod, say you can mod, or condone modding. That's pretty much it for the list of things that can get you banned from XBL. Steam is the same way, you get banned, your games are gone. Is it a little harsh? No, if you mod your console to gain unfair advantages over other players you should be banned, and now you get the shaft even harder. It's hacker deterrent, I can't complain with that. It's not like a bunch of people would be playing it anyways, but it's a good hacker deterrent

pompombrum1982d ago

To echo what I remember reading from someone yesterday.. "just when you thought it couldn't get any worse".

jmc88881982d ago

Hey guys....can we get some people who can actually think discussing this? Pretty please?

Like what exactly is a troublemaker?

Is a trouble maker someone who says 'damn it' after getting killed in a FPS?

Or saying something not approved by Obama, republicans, MS, or facebook?

Again what exactly is a troublemaker?

Shouldn't it be more like....doing something illegal, rather then being a troublemaker.

..and now you know why this country is FUCKED. Because people let the criminals get away scot free, and yet lower the standards about themselves to asinine arbitrary standards that are meaningless, such as 'troublemakers'.

I mean we all know that the head of 343 studios wanted to ban players for not toeing the line while playing Halo 4.

We know Kinect 2 will be spying on you, that the data will be collected, and MS has already admitted that FACT.

We also know (obviously) that Microsoft just announced they like the earlier lying Fuckerberg of Suckbook that yes they were giving away our data.

That MS has had backdoors in Windows for the gov't since Windows 95.

People need to get their head out of their asses.

KarrBOMB1981d ago

Reply to UNGR

Uhh, the 24hr check-in takes care of modding, so banning an account is going to cover behavior issues. Unless you of course mod your system and only plan to play for up to 23.99 hours afterwards, then yes, I'm sure the ban will cover that as well. But to say this is to stop modding is plain stupidity. I think there should definitely be something in place to curb annoying players, but not this.

What happens when dad's at work and his son jumps into a shooter and just does everything that children are known for doing? If said child get's his fathers account banned, then he loses out on all his hard earned cash for something he didn't even do.

FamilyGuy1981d ago

If you do something ban-worthy that's a "trouble maker", I'm obviously using the term in the context of this discussion and not some broader the-country-is-going-to-sh^t sort of way.

You can get banned for

Abusive behavior
Indecent behavior
Threatening people
Obscene messaging

Being annoying is not in the category of trouble makers and neither is the occasional use of slightly vulgar language as jmc8888 decided to use in his example.


SilentNegotiator1980d ago

" It'd be a good idea to simply... not get banned, is it really all that hard not to be a trouble maker? "

Well it's a good thing Microsoft never makes mistakes with bans....

.....oh wait.

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MikeMyers1982d ago

Perhaps people will now think twice before acting like an idiot on Xbox Live. Before you could play your games offline, not anymore. The system needs an internet connection at least once every 24 hours. I can just imagine all the phone calls to Microsoft about how they were banned unfairly.

This will bring up another issue, selling used Xbox One systems. How will this work if you've been banned? I imagine one possibility is to have authorized dealers wipe the slate clean (format the hard drive). You're probably only going to be able to sell your old system through the same places that allow used games for sale.

GamersHeaven1982d ago

Or perhaps people will think twice about buying a Xbone stick with real gaming platforms like PS4/WiiU/PC.

creepjack1982d ago

Or perhaps all the immature hacker a-holes will just move onto and ruin the PS4.....

careful what you wish for

Gameratheart1981d ago

I was an Xbox gamer for over ten years. I preordered a ps4 at best buy yesterday... Ms can go away.... If I want to play offline, let me, it's my choice. Keep that atrocious xboxnone... For you current Xbox fanboys who will say I never was an Xbox fanboy, my gamer tag is : tonymontana530 , I have almost 50,000 achievement points, so, yes, I played my 360 a lot. It was my favorite. But, after all the nonsense that ms is doing, all the check ins to big brother, just to get daily permission to play what you already paid for? ... I'll be happy to move over to the playstation camp... And I'm excited to get my hands on it. I hope the x1 crashes and burns, sending a clear message to the entire industry, that we don't want any of this, and will not stand for it... So, for this gen, I'll be a ps4, and wiiu gamer. Sorry ms, you blew it.

BaconBits1981d ago

I agree with Gameratheart. I have had an xbox since day one of the first one. Have had live since day one. This is the first time I will be giving it a miss. I have had PS since day one as well but always played xbox for the online. All this news has really put me off MS and although I am sure some of it will turn out ok or be changed, I just can't see myself putting anymore money down on MS. I will continue to use my 360 for now but next gen - I think I will just stick with PS4 and PC - at least until the smoke clears.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1982d ago ShowReplies(1)
lucaskeller11982d ago

I suggest microsoft throw the xbone in the bin and wait for next gen maybe, this time don't go full retard

BoneIdle1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

So hackers & cheaters could be banned from the online games on Xbox One? Awesome.

jmc88881982d ago

No they already do that.

This is aimed at normal people. Like you.

Bzone241982d ago

Lol. With the ammo you have for trashing the policies that people seem to hate with the xbox one, do you really have to lie about this being aimed at normal people? The policy is going to be the same as it was with the 360. Don't cheat or hack and you will be ok.

SignifiedSix911982d ago

Glitchers, hackers and racist kids deserve to be banned and lose all their games. Maybe it'll teach them a lesson.

Steam did this a long time ago. You get caught hacking, and you lose your right to play in all VAC secured servers, rendering your games useless.

Microsoft just took it to a whole new level, which is even better. Those people don't deserve to be gamers if their going to sit and cheat.

Dannehkins1982d ago

Surely this has to be illegal? I can't understand being banned from online, but to ban from all those games?

I hate rude people online as much as anyone, but to ban them from all their games? I'd never want that on anyone - they paid for those games and they are entitled to play them and I don't Microsoft or anyone else for that matter should have a say in whether you can play them or not.

jmc88881982d ago

Of course it's illegal.

Just about everything republicans and democrats do is illegal, and definitely everything is to screw you.

SignifiedSix911982d ago

Its not illegal. Steam does the same exact thing to hackers.

avengers19781982d ago

Wait even disc based games, damn the bad news just keeps rolling in

pixelsword1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

: |

I'm afraid you all are missing a trend:

Game clamp-down

phone clamp-down

facebook clamp-down

it seems like yahoo and e-mail services want to know your penis-size.

This is the beginning of the end if anyone accepts this behavior from companies even a little bit.

jmc88881982d ago

Look above, people are.

They say it's ok to ban 'troublemakers'.

Lest they figure out THEY are the troublemakers...AFTER they get banned.

I find it funny that the people being targeted are believing in the sophistry that this is 'good'.

But I find it more sad that after all of what we've seen the last 20 years, people are still just as gullible that they initially see this as a plus, not a clampdown that will affect them.

Oh you said you don't believe in arming Al-Qeada in Syria? Ban

Oh you don't believe in Bill Gates genocidal depopulation scheme...ban.

You say 'oh shit' because you fell off a cliff somewhere in a map...banned.

It's all for your protection.

1Victor1982d ago

don't now bother wasting your time with bungie= joke on you he's the bigest MS suporter on n4g he when so far as spoiling heavy rain ending with his 20 accounts including JOY. I think we should wait and see what kind of T.O.U MS will have for Xbone buuut the way they're dis_servicing their customers it wouldn't surprise me at all

ElitaStorm1982d ago


BattleAxe1982d ago

At least if you get banned from Xbox One, you can go down to the corner store and buy yourself a bag of Doritos and a Mountain Dew, and then everything will be ok :D

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1981d ago

This is so funny and shows how bias N4G is in it's report making. Here you have JokesOnYou saying that this might be a random Twitter account.. .

AND HE GETS MARKED FOR TROLLING AND HAS 26 AGREES AND OVER 200 DISAGREES... and now here you are with the latest update from Major Nelson telling you that the info was not true. And you DON'T lose your games.

So JokesOnYou is right.. and marked for trolling from the Sony fanboys on this site.


maniacmayhem1981d ago

I'm actually wondering why JokesOnYou got marked for trolling. He was on topic, he responded to the article and no where does he bring up the other consoles.

Am I missing something here?

Not to mention he was right, it was a rumor that has been debunked.

So exactly where did the trolling come from? There needs to be a definite definition of this "troll" word that gets thrown around way to often on this site.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1981d ago

Bubble down this clown jokesonyou.

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GamersHeaven1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

This is has to be a joke seriously at the this rate I wouldn't surprise me if hardware troubles for Xbone are

The video I put should be M$ theme song every single piece of news has been disastrous can't help but just laugh at it :D

FamilyGuy1982d ago

Murphys Law is in serious effect here! lol

I can just imagine all the cancelled pre-orders.

GreenRanger1982d ago

It gets worse by the day!

^^I'm sure i'll be saying that again tomorrow.

GamersHeaven1982d ago

"Xbox owners can only play there xbones up to 8 hours a day" seriously this is how bad it's getting!

Donnieboi1982d ago

Hahaha. I'll put u on my track list just to see if there really will be another reason to say it again lol. Xbone is SO screwed!


komp1982d ago

LOL. Yup... You will be saying it again.

Today is the tomorrow MS worried about yesterday.

chestnut11221982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

No Online? Play Xbox 360. WTF is that shit?! It is Officially Over.

strigoi8141982d ago

Yup they already sum it up..