With Firefox 3, Microsoft Has Reason to Worry

In the chronology of Internet browsers, Netscape came out earlier, but Microsoft figured out a way to do most of the same things at least as well, if not better. It didn't hurt that the company violated the law as it mobilized to crush a nascent challenge to its desktop monopoly.

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Rikitatsu3620d ago

Firefox 3 just something else :O

decapitator3620d ago

Am guessing by your comment that you are participating in the beta right ? How is it working for you so far ?

For me, it's been flawless. I have experience no crashes or nothing similar to that nature. It's already on par with the F2 stable version.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3620d ago

Firefox was always better then IE. IE just copies firefox.

Even Bill Gates himself uses firefox.

PopEmUp3620d ago

Bill has always used Firefox since Firefox first release and have never look back on Internet Explorer ever since

meepmoopmeep3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Firefox FTW

nix3620d ago

comes around. remember netscape vs. ie?

riksweeney3620d ago

Not really sure what you mean by that. Microsoft killed Netscape by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows.

Alcaponeyou3620d ago

blackmail right in front of netscape's owners.
M$ were evil, IS evil.
broke every anti-trust law there was.

ryanjtravis3620d ago

I'm a HUGE FireFox guy - I love it.

BUT - there is absolutely no way that MS has anything to worry about. The VAST majority of people who use the internet will always use whatever comes standard on their computer.

If it is a PC, then the program that comes standard is IE. While I would hope that everyone will eventually be FireFox people, there's just no way in hell.

Richdad3620d ago

Really I was surprised to why people even use IE before IE 7. When there was Firefox, Opera. But still this is not something to worry. I mean the news is just making a big issue of a small scene.

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The story is too old to be commented.