[email protected]: Xbox One E3 signage defaced

This image of a defaced Xbox One advertisement was spotted at LA's JW Marriott hotel by CAG's own CheapyD, who promptly posted it to Twitter for us all to see.

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Mr_Nuts1641d ago

Ha...thats hilarious

I'm loving how people are actually standing up to this, least most of the gaming community actually know what horrible things MS are trying to do to gaming.

Sitdown1640d ago

You see anomalously vandalizing a random sign as standing up? Pretty sure this is not really a social injustice..... but hey, if it makes Microsoft rethink and change their policies. Probably not because we have already heard their confidence and arrogance.

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Godmars2901641d ago

Was it someone from MS who first said there's no such thing as bad publicity, or was that someone else?

Lord Anubis1641d ago

I would be surprise if MS doesn't spy or "ask x1 owners to participate" in studies to tailor advertisement.

MasterCornholio1640d ago

A lot of people don't like Microsoft's policy's with the Xbox One so its normal that some people are going to vandalize their advertisements.

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The story is too old to be commented.