Did Sony Underestimate PS4 Demand?

PlayStation 4 pre-orders are flying out the door and retailers like Amazon already have a depleted supply. Did Sony underestimate the PS4's popularity?

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Majin-vegeta1802d ago

Both Gamestops near me,plus the 4 wal marts around me have all been sold out.They're trying to see if they can get more pre orders.

Dee_911802d ago

Didnt the slim do the same thing

miyamoto1801d ago

Remember the 16 million PS4 units for 2013?

It better be true

Vip3r1802d ago

I think Microsoft's dun goofing had a major influence in it too.

Nafon1802d ago

Not even sony expected microsoft to f*ck up the next xbox so badly LOL

jjb19811802d ago

I bet Sony thought they were gonna have a hard time dealing with Microsoft next gen

GamingAngelGabriel1802d ago

Certainly happy I preordered the second the conference ended. I hit "refresh" on its Amazon page as soon as the show was over.

WolfOfDarkness1802d ago

The question should be like this " Did Microsoft Underestimate PS4 Demand " ?

Yes .

Godmars2901802d ago

They never expected MS to mess up as badly as they did.

No one did.

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The story is too old to be commented.