Sony's President of Worldwide Studios is celebrating the Year of Luigi


Take a look at what Sony's Shuhei Yoshida got from E3!

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Snookies121642d ago

That's awesome. Just because you support one gaming company, doesn't mean you can't like games from other companies. :]

dale_denton1642d ago

Asian's respect each other

Brucis1642d ago

Not necessarily. China, Korea(both of them), and Japan all have bad blood between them. A Japanese dev and another Japanese dev being friendly doesn't mean all Asians are friendly. Sorry for nitpicking, lol

Testfire1642d ago

Nothing to do with ethnicity, devs are gamers like the rest of us. To think that they only play games on the console they make games for is silly. Mario and Luigi I'm sure were inspirations for many devs across the globe.

gamer421642d ago

It's wonderful to see Shuhei do stuff like this. Also where can I get one?

Moonman1642d ago

This is why I ride for Nintendo and Sony 4 ;p

andrewer1642d ago

That's what I want to see :D, right on Sony!

Parapraxis1642d ago

Goes both ways =)
Here is Miyamoto playing TearAway

adorie1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Miyamoto was watching someone else play that. Look how the arms come from the side.

Edit: If you're going to disagree, at least say why you are disagreeing. Because if you actually took the time to blow up the picture and look, the arms holding the vita and playing. Miyamoto's arms are facing downward... if he was actually holding that Vita, his arms would be large, like a gorilla... like donkey kong. Lol.

I don't visit giantbomb, dunno. But thanks for the corrections. I was going by the photo, though, to be fair. Have a bubble for the trouble.

Parapraxis1642d ago

He played it, it was discussed on Giant Bomb's E3 show.

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The story is too old to be commented.