PS4 Used Games Troll Vid is 2nd Most Popular YouTube Vid on PS Channel Ever, Passes 12 Million Views

It started off as a joke that wasn’t even meant to be released. Now, it has become an internet sensation. - PSLS

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JoGam2010d ago

Wow. That's impressive.

Snookies122010d ago

It came about in such a random way too lol. It was just Adam suggesting something as a comedy bit. Which I think is hilarious that it got so much attention. He even suggested that it be in their E3 conference, but was sort of turned down.

Sharius2009d ago

IIRC this idea come from someone on neogaf, maybe Adam get this idea from that persone and kind of suggest it for other guys at Sony

he kind of said he come to neogaf daily

Snookies122009d ago

@Sharius - He did say he goes there all the time, that could have very well been the case!

Kevin ButIer2009d ago

I want to meet Yoshida just to tell him... Sir... you're awesome

NatureOfLogic2009d ago

I doubt Sony expected it to go this viral. I think it would have more views if they would've shown it at E3.

Donnieboi2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Maybe Sony should learn from this and do more video's/ad's that ACTIVELY assault MS (but simply with the facts--so it doesnt look like mere mud-slinging). Why not inform people on tv that Xbone will have Always Online, anti-used games, region lock, half as powerful, and a slew of undesirable issues.

If they wanna beat MS for sure, then they need to dispell MS's evil, lying ad campaigns. MS has been lying to potential customers for years (or misleading them) into thinking COD and other 3rd party games were unique to xbox. It is MS's ADS that fool people into buying it. So sony could kill 2 birds with one stone if they attacked the xbone's features, while praising their own.

We know it'll work, just look at the views this video got. Sony needs to not only sell ps4's, but also prevent the sale of Xbone's if they wanna beat MS (who already has more money for ads, but cant refute the damning claims against it's evil console).

Sony could end each commercial by saying something like "'s just the facts" after showing all the damnable reasons why xbone is a bad idea. It's the only to inform fools who don't know about the xbone's problems, yet were gonna buy it anyone just because it says xbox on it.

rainslacker2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

While I agree the masses should be informed, I don't think it's necessary for Sony to resort to that. They should sell their system on it's own merits, of which there are many.

These underhanded jabs do the job to inform people I think, as people wonder why they would even say something in the first place...after all, that's the way it's always been.

On the other hand, Apple seemed to do a pretty good job with those Apple vs. PC commercials, so who knows.

Mikelarry2010d ago

lol i laugh every-time i watch that video. its simple and straight to the point but the effect on the competition was huge blow

TrendyGamers2010d ago

And they didn't even plan on releasing it.

The world is glad they did.

kaozgamer2009d ago

wow lol. the 'greatness awaits' is getting overshadowed by this. we need 10million views on that for that ac dlc

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The story is too old to be commented.