GameStop President Tony Bartel Believes Used Games Playback Will Play Key Role In Next Gen War

Forbes - GameStop President Tony Bartel was one of the 48,200 attendees who made the annual pilgrimage to E3 2013 in Los Angeles this week. The exec was at all of the major press conferences and spent time meeting with top game publishers, manufacturers and analysts.

The focus of E3 was on Sony and Microsoft and their next gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The opening day press conferences set the tone for a new battle for the living room. I was able to catch up with Bartel to get his thoughts on some key E3 issues, including used games.

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jagiii1984d ago

This is the one time where gamers and GameStop are both on the same side -- with Sony -- on used games.

JokesOnYou1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Well imo sharing games across 10 consoles easily out weighs the used game drm, as I said initially when this used game drm was announced I buy almost all my games new but at that time I thought the restriction would prevent me from sharing with my nephews and a few I can do that even more easily than loaning out the disc, that's pretty awesome turn about for the used game drm mess.

NewMonday1984d ago

we need to read the fine print

- you will likely need to give full privileges to "family" accounts, meaning access to credit card account and other personal information, this is the same with multi-device accounts for the iOS.

- MS say they "reserve the right" to change and alter the terms, they pull us in and reduce the number of "family" members allowed, confine it to XBLG redistricting it to local IP.

- it is up to publishers if they want to allow game sharing, read this:

"I've seen what happens when publishers are left with the option to allow lending/resales already. I have a Kindle, and you are supposed to be able to 'lend' a book to another Kindle user. In the hundreds of books I've already read on my Kindle, I have yet to see a single publisher that has enabled lending"

unless MS clarify these points this just looks like a "bait and switch"

dcbronco1984d ago

no one will allow others to have access to anyone else's credit cards. People need to develop some integrity. At least some times.

It's also up to publishers if they want to block used games on PS4.

WeaseL1984d ago

" and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time"

any one not anyone

3-4-51984d ago

If Gamestop goes.....there goes getting the niche games in store.

If it's not a "top 20 " game, it most likely won't be found in stores aside from Gamestop.

If I want to play a game I want to play it now, not 5 days from now when Amazon Ships it to me.

BlaqMagiq241984d ago

Sadly that's true. Most JRPGs I see in GameStop almost never show up in any of my local stores. Pretty much the only "mainstream" JRPG I've seen in all stores was Ni No Kuni.

rainslacker1983d ago

The GS across the street from me never gets in RPG's on release date. The one about 10 minutes away always has a plentiful selection of used and newly released PRG's. I asked about it once, and the manager said they get sent what the statistics show get sold at a particular store more. I mentioned the fact that it's hard to show that a particular type of game sells well if you never have it in stock...and she conceded.

I started pre-ordering my RPG's, they rarely get in any used though.

DDDGirlGamer851984d ago

Maybe, I mean the DRM thing blows, I cant afford to buy EVERY game I want to buy and sometimes I *gasp Borrow a friends copy or Rent it through Gamefly, Microsoft really dropped the ball and Gamestop gonna hurt from this as well.

creHEARTive1984d ago

This is the exact reason why the PS4 will win the console war.

Mikelarry1984d ago

these are the people ms does not want to piss off retail. because if they do xbox one still has to be sold at retail and if a retailer sees xbox does not support it why should the retailer support ms is the way i see it.

DDDGirlGamer851984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Doesn't HAVE TO be sold through a retailers, they could always just sell it exclusively through there Microsoft Online stores, or Microsoft Locations, But That would be a gamble as they wouldnt have companies like gamestop order how ever many Before there out the door, and why would a business want to take any type of risk? right?

rainslacker1983d ago

MS would limit it's market severely if a major retailer declined to sell their products. Places like GameStop, Wal-mart, Best Buy, Amazon are huge, and distributors work with them to make sure their shelves are stocked before the smaller stores.

MS will pay for ad space, which means they'll get shelf space, but doesn't mean the stores themselves have to push it heavily. I remember when the PS3 launched, you'd be lucky to find any associate who would willingly tell you something positive about the PS3.

awkwardhamster1984d ago

With all the exclusives Xbox has lined up, I think it'll be closer then people think.

HammadTheBeast1984d ago

Only cause the rest of the 20 first party studios haven't shown their games.

NameRemoved00171984d ago

Microsoft has shown all their exclusives Sony has more being shown at gamescon.

sashimi1984d ago

M$ blew their load @ E3 and Sony hasn't even gotten started yet lol

NatureOfLogic1984d ago

MS gave their best E3 showing and came up short due to their console restrictions. They've shown their best and Sony haven't ever started yet.

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