The Last Of Us: A Most Entertaining Post-Pandemic Clusterf*ck -

The end is here, and it’s the sickest, most gut-wrenching, perversely violent hellhole you will ever love.

And I mean: You. Will. Love. It.

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yewles11983d ago

This now makes 103 perfect scores so far.

Ezz20131982d ago

i laughed at the very few low scores that this game got

Some of the reviewrs always end his review by saying something like that

"don't listen to the load of reviews giving it 9s-10s , they are all BS"

it's like those two or three reviews think they are the be all,end all ...
and the rest of the internet and who played it thoughts do not matter

rezzah1982d ago

This game and GTA5 are gona clash big time.

I wonder which of the 2 will have the highest rating of the year (or maybe all time? Whatever the record might be).

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liorishot1982d ago

If you had only 40 pounds and could buy only one game weather it was GTA 5 or the last of us what would you pick? GTA 5?

Crazyglues1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

The Game is a Master Piece.. I was blown away..

I played the demo, but wow, the demo does not convey how good this game looks..

The tension, the feel, the way the game starts off is amazing, I never felt so amazed by a games feel and story telling, it's a home run.. -without question.

I knew the game would be good, proof is the article I wrote saying why you should buy it -
That was before all the reviews - before anyone played it..

-And now after playing it, wow... Amazing

Even the multi-player is done so well, makes me wonder why they didn't talk about it more - but maybe it's better this way... -So you just play it with no expectations and get blown away at how good it is..

Naughty Dog whatever you guys get paid it's not enough because this is a Gamers Dream Game.. It's What Gaming is all about... PS3 owners you owe it to yourself to own a copy of this game... G.O.T.Y

-hands down, one of the best games ever made for PS3.

||.........___||............ ||

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Walker1982d ago

Over 100 perfect score ! it's just crazy !

rpd1231982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

While The Last of Us is an awesome game, there are definitely some things that could be better. I think that it's riding the hype train with all these perfect scores. They're not being objective at all.

Kos-Mos1982d ago

And so could you. Well, we`re in for a really good discussion here.

ger23961982d ago

Could you explain what could be better? I'm not bashing you or anything, just curious what your take is on the game.

InTheLab1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

numerous graphical errors like water flowing through solid objects. actually, the bulk of the tutorial is ugly. also, compared to uncharted, the difference between cutscenes and live gameplay is pretty substsntial.

There's also the issue of your invinvisible companions. enemies ignore Ellie unless they're instructed to attack, like in the museum section. I had a human enemy bump right into Tess and nothung happens...but Tess opened fire on a random Clicker and brought them all down in us.

Those are all nitpicks though. the rest of the game looks amazing and your companions are far more useful than Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite.

No game is perfect but the Last of Us comes pretty damn close.

latincooker2141982d ago (Edited 1982d ago ) tell ??? rpd123

rpd1231982d ago

Yeah, really. The gameplay is pretty lacking. Most of the game consists of walking, moving dumpsters, and setting up ladders and planks. People seem to forget that this is actually a videogame, they get caught up in the fact that the story is good (and even the story is pretty predictable). So the hype is clearly ruling the scores here. Is it a great game that is fun to play? Yeah. Is it the "best game ever"? No, not by a long shot.

MizTv1982d ago

playing on hard and its kicking my ass
this game is awesome!!!!!

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