The Witcher 3 DRM-free on PC - 'gamer-friendly' solution sought on consoles

The Witcher series of action role-playing games is reaching further than ever before, with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launching simultaneously on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014. The new consoles have been mired in discussion over DRM (digital rights management) recently, with Microsoft instituting connectivity requirements to play games, and PlayStation leaving publishers to decide how to control the sale and resale of their content. The Polish developer behind The Witcher, CD Projekt RED, now tries to find an ideal incarnation for its publicly asserted values, which are staunchly opposed to DRM of any kind.

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KrisButtar1928d ago

I'm buying this for Consoles, hope its there day one to add to the stack of games I'm buying

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Blackdeath_6631928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

if there is ever a game that has to be played on pc it would be this. depending on system requirements i am more than willing on saving up for a high-end pc just to play this. if i can run it on my current pc with a few tweaks then that's just as good

zeroskie1927d ago

I feel ya man. I could barely run Witcher 2 on medium settings. There's no way Withcer 3 is going to work on my rig. Either I have to buy a new computer or get it for console cuz I don't want to miss out on the full experience.

Played it with a controller on PC anyways, won't be a big change for me.

pompombrum1928d ago

Hate to sound like a fanboy here but really, the DRM friendly solution is blatantly obvious.. tell M$ where they can go and go release it on the ps4.

zeroskie1928d ago

it's coming out multiplatform. People just have to not buy it for the xbox.

pompombrum1928d ago

It's coming to the ps4? Wow, I assumed it was an Xbox/PC exclusive.

zeroskie1927d ago

@ aiBreeze

These days I don't think developers can afford to be exclusive unless they're really 1st party.

Gravitic1928d ago

Wait, since when is Steam not DRM.

Firan1928d ago

"Those solutions would be aligned with their PC- and Mac-based digital distribution platform,, where games are 100 percent DRM-free."

Gravitic1928d ago

They are still selling it on a DRM platform. They get much less sales on GOG than what they do on Steam, its a big marketing ploy by them. If they where really against DRM, they would refuse to release the game on the Steam platform.

TwistingWords1928d ago


Why are you against people having a choice?

CD Projekt RED simply understand the PC market, it has nothing to do with making a stand against DRM.

They know that some people like no DRM and they know some people like Steam and their more transparent form of DRM.

Honest_gamer1928d ago

can i play offline for as long as i want on steam? check.

Gravitic1928d ago

Is it still DRM. Check.

TechnicianTed1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I can buy The Witcher 2 for £5.09 on Steam today. And I can play it offline as well. I don't need to ask Steams permission every 24hrs if I can play it either.

There's a big difference when it comes to DRM and Steam.

XishikiX1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Well it is. But all current witcher games come with free copy (just register the key) Even ones bought on steam.

That is drm free. That you can play on a lite drm platform if you choose.

opabato1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

GOG is owned by CD Projekt. That's why they release their main franchise there, quite simple.

It will be on Steam too, most likely.

Somebody1927d ago

As opposed to selling The Witcher 3 on X Box One and PS4? They're pretty much physical DRMs.

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Honest_gamer1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

"I think, really, that's not fair to a lot of gamers who choose Xbox One as a platform. We strongly believe in the freedom of choice, and not releasing the game on any of the platforms would be a disadvantage."

OHHHH so wheres witcher 2 on my ps3?

Soldierone1928d ago

I'll translate it, "We see massive amounts of gamers wanting a PS4 and we want as much money as possible, so walk with us while we pretend we always supported both fans the whole time."

fullmetal2971928d ago

The physical copy witcher 2 was DRM free on the PC and entitled the buyer to the digital copy hosted by, a DRM free gaming software website hosted by the publisher of the witcher franchise since 2008. Get your facts straight before you criticize a company with your fanboy propaganda. Maybe that's why witcher 2 hasn't been ported to PS3 yet because of spoiled pricks like you.

Soldierone1928d ago

@fullmetal, are you replying to me? Because if you are, you didn't respond to my comment AT ALL lmao....

They put it on PS4, and said it would be "unfair" not to, yet we still don't have the other games on PS3.... why is that? they want money. How does your comment pertain to what I said at all? Go be a douche somewhere else, possibly in real life and get punched. thank you.

Honest_gamer1927d ago

Yeh his comment seams a, maybe he isnt right in the head or something :S

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