Gran Turismo 6 to Get Updated Engine Sounds, AI, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi discusses GT6 engine sounds, AI, physics, and more with GTPlanet.

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NameRemoved00172009d ago

Project cars is better in my opinion.

PirateThom2009d ago

Oh cool, you've played both?

How are they?

M-M2009d ago

Who cares, that's not what this article is about.

Narutone662009d ago

Really, so what are the tracks and available cars in GT6? When was GT6 released?

Dasteru2009d ago

It's nice that you can say which is better out of 2 games that have yet to be released, but for the rest of us who cannot see the future, no spoilers please.

Hicken2009d ago

Your sister is better than your mom in my opinion, but that's just as irrelevant.

theWB272009d ago

We don't agree often Hicken...but bravo. That brought a grin.

2pacalypsenow2009d ago

Im sure you and the other 20 people who play that might agree with you

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Kratos_19862009d ago

Gran turismo is one of 3 reasons i buy a playstation(#2 is god of war #3 is naughty dog )

improved AI , sounds and physics ?!?!?!?! thats too much for me to handle this could be the best gran turismo ever made

showtimefolks2009d ago

yeh i believe GT6 will be a huge improvement over Gt5, it took PD a while to get use to PS3 tech and now they know what to do to get the most out of the system

some videos that are on youtube in interviews and stuff make Gt6 look stunning

Gt6 might be the best sim racing that's not on next gen(i still believe mid of 2014 we will see Gt6 come out on ps4)

also i think this will be the best selling GT game ever, with install base of ps3 being 75-80 by the time Gt6 comes out this game could really do 13-15 million plus

Salooh2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

It's not a big leap but it will improve in each aspect. This is a sequel for more content and more solid game . But i wish if they didn't waste time on current generation game. This is different situation then GT3/GT4. Both released before the ps3. GT6 will release after the ps4 which means they are not taking advantage of the power the have. It's disappointing as GT fan but it's reasonable in sales aspect which i for one never cared about..

Hozi2009d ago

I wanna play this with Oculus Rift!!!! and steering wheel

yewles12009d ago


ALICE6662009d ago

I don't see much (yet) to be impressed by GT6. It could pretty much be a patched up GT5 and is looking that way...

I am not impressed much by FM5 either.

These so called AAA devs really need to step up their game, since in the last few years they did nothing for me that has felt revolutionary in gameplay-wise or with big features. I feel the base game has been the same since GT1 to Forza4.

It all seems to be a common problem with big devs these days..add little with each new edition, recycle last gen assets (*cough standard cars in GT5 and take 7yrs to make it), Hardly any updates in parts from FM1 to FM4... etc then brand it a totally big sequel when it reality after playing is more of the same, leaving a feeling that they wasted years of development money and time. FM5... what the hell? still no night time racing or weather... its riddiculous! was supposedly developed before FM4 was even released too and they still cant work on these features.

Anyways, it's because of this that I believe bigger studios like PD and T10 are just.. well damn lazy. Why should they work hard when most lambs buy their shit anyways? We the passionate car gamers really need to make our voices heard that we do not tolerate this laziness anymore.

Hopefully DriveClub with a new dev behind the wheel will try to do something new and more revolutionary.. but I'm not really hopeful about that either. But its good to have a fresh dev like them try a fresh take on stale racing genre... hopefully they deliver something worthy.

I still dream of the dream car game.. hope I dont come off as hating too much just how I feel right now with modern car gaming and had to vent.. Just want these blokes to do more for us than recycle shit all the time.


RioKing2009d ago

Guess how long it takes to model one premium vehicle.

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