Analysis: Which of Xbox One or PS4 has the edge?

With the E3 conferences out of the way, Sean Knight looks over the next-gen of console hardware and wonders who has the lead.

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FrigidDARKNESS1948d ago

Games and features = Microsoft
Low price no DRM = Sony.

xJumpManx1948d ago

totally agree with you!!

JokesOnYou1948d ago

Same over and over again, in the end none of these regurgitated articles will matter, both will do well among their fanbase.

Skips1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

How so??? When Sony has more GAMES coming out in the first year than Microsoft??? And more interesting ones at that. lol...


That's not even including all the F2P, MMO, and Indie console exclusives on PS4.

Hell, confirmed LAUNCH lineup alone, PS4 trumps the One...

Killzone: ShadowFall
Drive Club
The Witness

Ryse - (QTE fest, funny considering MS fans bashed games like GOW for it, which GOW has WAY less)
Forza - (Didn't we get one last year?)
Mine Craft - (Again???)
Dead Rising 3 - (I admit, looks good)
Kinect Sports Rivals - (Lol, Kinect)


Qrphe1948d ago

-no used games

Come again?

ApolloTheBoss1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Games and Features, Low Price, No DRM = Sony.
Television, TV, Sports, and COD = Microsoft


NameRemoved00171948d ago

Cod is multiplatform though xD

ApolloTheBoss1948d ago

@hdshatter You get the point.

djsandman1948d ago

I agree, what everyone here ignores is that you can share your full game library with 10! people.

DragonKnight1948d ago

You can share your PS4 games with infinite people.

Dasteru1948d ago

10 person sharing on Xbone is a limit not a feature, also only 1 of those 10 people can play the game at a time. PS4 you can share retail games with as many people as you want.

Xbone you cant share digital games at all, even the PS3 you could share digital games with 5 people and all of them could play it at the same time.

MikeMyers1948d ago

"Spencer told me he believed that two people can play one copy of a game concurrently, but he urged me to check Microsoft's official wording on the matter to be sure."

PS4 games won't allow 2 people to play the same disc will it?

DragonKnight1948d ago

"PS4 games won't allow 2 people to play the same disc will it?"

Yep, it's called multiplayer.

MikeMyers1948d ago

"Yep, it's called multiplayer."


Let's see you and one friend both play Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PS4 with a total of one disc at the same time in two different locations on two different PS4 systems. Not split-screen.

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Mr_Nuts1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

As I've said 100 times it looked like MS showed more games because

1) People had low expectations anyway

2) Sony showed off two more game then MS at their reveal so when making comparisons list you would have to take away two MS games at their E3 to make up for the extra ones Sony showed off earlier

3) Most of MS games are timed exclusives (TitanFall, possibly DR3, PvZ Garden Warfare)

4) MS won't have a huge presence at Gamescom while Sony will and will most likely announce more games, as they will as TGS which MS will NOT be going to. Then you have the VGA's where I'm better NaughtyDogs new game will be shown off.

DigitalRaptor1948d ago

Yeah I agree with all you said, but the reasons the MS fanboys are up in arms about game comparisons is that:

1) They're riding on the "15 exclusives in the first year" train, even though Sony is getting 20 of them.

2) Sony had already revealed most of the games these PS4 games they showed at E3. Shadow Fall, Second Son, Knack etc. So Xbox is an automatic win for them.

They ignore games like Killer Instinct looking dreadful compared to what was expected of bringing back a classic. And as per usual a game from Crytek demonstrating style over substance.

xxLuckyStrike1948d ago

The gameless WiiU right now.. lol Ironic Nintendo's still in first place while MS and Sony still fighting for 2nd

DarkZane1948d ago

Except that both will probably catch up to the WiiU in no time when they're released. Well, the PS4 will, the Xbox One will probably be in third place like the xbox and 360 ended up.

xxLuckyStrike1948d ago

IDK all the WiiU needs is some games and a price drop.

DarkHeroZX1948d ago

yeah but guess what? Nintendo isn't going to cut the price of their Wii U like they did the 3DS. And as far as the games we want. nothing coming until 2014. and with only about 4 million wii u consoles buy the holidays the PS4 and xbox one will catch it.

dale_denton1948d ago

i bet you cant sleep at night cause you're so delusional huh frigid?

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Narutone661948d ago

Not a good comparison.
XB1 = TV Box and an Expensive Remote Control with some gaming capability with restrictive DRM (24H check in, No internet no play, etc.), I can't even play it in my region.
PS4 = Pure gaming console with extra features, limited DRM (copy protection for Blu-ray disc), anybody could buy one and play it anywhere.

Not a hard choice to make if you ask me.

SegaSaturn6691948d ago

xbox Features:
Bing search engine without ad block

ps4 features:
not watching me get undressed and having the fbi laugh at my recent weight gain.

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