Get yourself financially prepared for the next generation

Come this fall, new consoles will be here. The Xbox One and the PS4 will be great investments for the next 5 years or so. How should gamers prepare for this generation? Should they sock away money until this coming November/December, or ask for the system as a gift, or sell everything they have from this generation to Gamestop, or wait a year to buy one of them? GoozerNation has a few pointers for those gamers who are struggling to wrap their heads around what the next generation may cost.

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JimmyJames701948d ago

I'm waiting till spring for either one.

fermcr1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Me to. No rush. Only purchasing PS4 when Infamous releases (Q1 2014) or maybe later on. As for X1, don't see myself purchasing it (unless they remove all those restrictions).

Intentions1948d ago

I'm waiting for bundles, like 2 games + 2 controllers. So that's going to take a while, cos it depends on the games too.

But I'm willing to wait, no point of wasting so much money when you know bundles are coming out eventually with a better game lineup.

Narutone661948d ago

A lot of gamers are going to be broke. But a few are going to be screwed if they choose the wrong one.

wastedcells1948d ago

Was going to get both but instead I'll use the $500 for an x1 to buy up all the good ps4 launch games and all the indies on PSN.

JBSleek1948d ago

I don't want to drop 900 bucks at once.

Ill get the One in November and the Four in April to try to offset that. Plus you need about four games.

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