The Last of Us - All of Ellie's Jokes

There are a total of 5 jokes in The Last of Us.
Listening to all of them will earn you the "That's all I got" Gold Trophy. Sometimes you need to do a series of special actions to make Ellie tell one of her jokes.

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Omran1985d ago

I Love Ellie . . based on the end
there will be sequel to this game

I Hope and every one hope

Duraji1984d ago

Sadly they said that Joel and Ellie's story is done. We could potentially see more of them with new characters who run across them, I suppose. I hope!

I'm sure there will be a sequel for PS4. They confirmed that this is their next big "franchise". :D

blacktiger1985d ago

She's cute, remind me of my niece. My god this game makes me old.

Duraji1984d ago

Those jokes are really pretty damn clever, very nice touch for some much needed comic relief and bonding between the characters.

I haven't started this game yet, but every little thing I see makes me more and more impressed. It could very well be the best game for PS3.

d3nworth11984d ago

Ok the soap one was actually kinda funny.

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