We Finally Get to See Open World Multiplayer Gameplay of ‘Watch Dogs’ at E3 2013

MediaStinger: "The biggest and best surprise from last year’s E3 that came out of nowhere and blew our minds, is thankfully looking to still be on track for its release date later this year. With the game set for release this November on both current and next-gen consoles, it’s about time that we finally see more of the real gameplay you can expect to get when playing the game yourself and outside of Ubisoft’s scripted gameplay sequences."

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ZBlacktt1984d ago

Gamers are going to have so much fun with this game. Everyone is going to be trolling everyone, lol. Plus it's real world in real time.

3-4-51984d ago

This will sell better long term than right away.

It will sell good but not great because of all the other games releasing.

It will continue to sell well for over a year though so it will eventually have GREAT sales, but only just good at first.

NeXXXuS1983d ago

^it will sell great because of the hype being built up for it.

TriforceLightning1984d ago

I have a feeling this game will not do as well as Ubisoft hopes it will. 3rd and 4th quarter is bloated with content. They should release this now to capitalize on the lack of competition.

wannabe gamer1984d ago

yea lets ask for an unfinished.unpolished product just to beat the competition in release time. oh wait thats how MS got into the whole RROD scenario.

PLUS watchdogs is looking to be good enough to earn its place based on actual quality and gameplay experience so why rush it at all. A good game is a good game no matter what else releases near the sametime. If it cant stand on its own two feet then it will be apparent regardless of the competition

TriforceLightning1984d ago

The game is finished. The reason the game is being released in the 3rd or 4th Q is because of the tacked on multiplayer.

wannabe gamer1984d ago

how is the multiplayer tacked on when they have been showing us glimpses of it since early on

Chitown712911984d ago

Well the PS4 / XBox One havent been confirmed to even be dropping this year. Currently , it only has a Q4 release, which could be from December- February if Im not mistaken. Current gen is releasing this year though.

TriforceLightning1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Wii U is not a last gen console.

Kran1984d ago

WAIT, theres a multiplayer?!

wannabe gamer1984d ago

remember in one of the first videos they had for it where at the end he jumps on to the top of a moving train and then noticed he is being hacked by someone thru a security cam? that was another player.

SIRHC131984d ago

My most hyped game of the year. More so than GTA, easily.

medman1984d ago

Slow down buddy, slow down! I'm looking forward to Watch_Dogs too but damn! I'm sure they will both be phenomenal. Watch_Dogs will be one of the first games I pop in my shiny new PS4 so it has that going for it, but I have no doubt Rockstar will deliver something revolutionary. They always do.

SIRHC131984d ago

Is it not acceptable to be more excited for one game over another?

medman1983d ago

Yes, it is unacceptable.

Zeniix1984d ago

Wait multiplayer, can't be true if so then fuck yes!

ZBlacktt1984d ago

The game runs single player and multi player at the same time if you allow others to enter your world. Much like Demon's Souls. So other players can enter via cell phone, tablet or same console. They can start hacking as well. There will be missions where you need to help them or do an objective together.

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