DS games getting '3DS compatible' branding


Anything to sell more games and get more people talking about the 3DS. Certainly doesn't hurt to draw attention!

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gamer421921d ago

If they did this with Wii games and have a label saying that they are compatible for the WiiU, people will ask what a WiiU is and find out it's a console, and then awareness would spread.

Donnieboi1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

That might actually be a really effective idea!

Jourdy2881921d ago

I like that idea. I have a 3DS and one of the things that drew me to it was the fact that it could play DS games. Since I never owned a DS, this was a big deal to me.

killbillvolume121921d ago

I love the idea but they must make it MANDATORY on all ds games (available now) or you will get people saying ohhh i don't see the sign on this ds game it won't play!!! and so on and so forth.

Kevlar0091921d ago

Just put it on the DS branding that shows on the spine over the front cover on every game. Just so publishers don't feel like Nintendo is jacking their retail space

kingPoS1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Yeah... some people didn't even know to flip the OG Wii's side up to play GameCube games.

Kevlar0091921d ago

Maybe if they add a tagline below which said "Upgrade Today" or something, so people know there is something better. Then the website for WiiU below. The sticker in the picture has room for another line or two

kirbyu1921d ago

Seriously, what is Nintendo thinking? Constantly trying to sell more 3DSes and doing barely anything for the Wii U.

Maybe in Japan it's reverse, the Wii U is selling like hot cakes and the 3DS is doing badly.

killbillvolume121921d ago

I agree hey because the current 3ds line up looks really really amazing and not so much for the wiiu.

tweet751921d ago

This reminds we need a super mario 64 with updated good analog controls on 3ds, the ds version was great except for the controls