Why Steam works - How Valve is revitalising PC gaming

"We're talking about Valve becoming the platform holder and guardian of the PC as a gaming system over the next two years," says Stephen Gaffney, Business Development Manager of Splash Damage.

The Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer is responding to Valve's announcement of Steamworks, a suite of publishing apps that will enable developers and publishers to use Steam's many tools for free.

Valve are giving away the tools that make up 80-90% of Steam. With 15 million customers, their digital delivery platform has already taken on a life of its own: through it you can buy all of Valve's releases and over 250 third-party games, while it also takes care of multiplayer matchmaking, voice chat, stats collection, anti-piracy measures and sales tracking.

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solar3764d ago

valve has found a way to greatly limit piracy. its great for us PC gamers. more money to developers equals better games. the OB is an amazing product and my fav of '07. valve is constantly showing love for the CS community and now its TF:2 community with updates, new content, and letting gamers mod the hell outta their games. kudos to valve.