‘Infamous: Second Son’ is Sony’s Best PlayStation 4 Game from E3 2013

MediaStinger: "One of the most impressive looking games at Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal event was once again one of the best looking games at this year’s E3."

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NateCole1984d ago

Yep amazing. Sad its not a launch game though.

s8anicslayer1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I thought Killzone SF was.

PFFT1984d ago

Yes it is. Killzone is a launch title. Unfortunately Second Son isnt.

MikeMyers1984d ago

Looked awesome for sure. Another reason why I will hold off until 2014 before I get a PS4.

3-4-51983d ago

It's good though.

You don't want all the good games to release all at one time.

Dev's would suffer and wouldn't be able to afford making another game possibly.

This gives everybody there week or 2 to shine before the next good game is released.

FamilyGuy1983d ago

I thought it was just a cut-scene camera transition at the end of that E3 video but according to these guys it's an in-game feature during certain moves. Looks amazing!

medman1983d ago

Infamous is scheduled for a January release at this point. If it keeps that target date that's not bad at all. I'll be picking up my PS4 when it launches in December and I'll be plenty busy playing Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Killzone, and Drive Club. How many games can you play at once, after all?

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1984d ago

ill buy a PS4 once this game comes out.

Vigor1984d ago

Personally my favorite new ip from SONY and Sucker Punch.

Saksoy1984d ago

I doubt i will be buying this. I pre-ordered the PS4, but there is no games for my liking at the moment :(

HammadTheBeast1984d ago

Wait for Gamescom, PS4 still has I think 11-12 games they haven't shown yet out of the 20 in the first year.

OlgerO1983d ago

Isnt it actually 15 that still have to be shown off since I can only think of 5 first party that they shown

mike0242076261983d ago

you'r kind is not welcome here.

PFFT1984d ago

Second son and Killzone look amazing! But i think Watchdogs and The Division took the WHOLE damn cake this E3.

CyberSentinel1983d ago

The Division and Watchdogs are my top 2 of everything shown at E3. I have preordered Watchdogs, Second Son, Killzone:SF, Killzone:Mercenary, Battlefield 4, CoD:Ghost, Final Fantasy 15, Elder Scrolls Online, and Thief. I just wish I was able preorder The Division.

Looks like Sony is going to get all of my gaming budget, next gen.

Greatness Awaits:-)

PFFT1983d ago

NOICE!!! Seem like you are going to be quite busy lol. I was actually thinking for getting both consoles BUT i might hold off on the XBO and just get a PS4 now and a shitload of games. Indeed GREATNESS awaits!

NameRemoved00171983d ago

Rockstar could of stolen E3 if they showed off GTA 5 there running on next gen consoles or PC.

medman1983d ago

The Division was phenomenal. I was struck by Destiny as well. Watch Dogs was already a given from what I saw at last years E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.