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From the preview, "One game I was quite looking forward to experiencing at E3 2013 is a title most Vita owners have been salivating over. It’s Muramasa Rebirth, a port of Vanillaware’s Wii classic, with updated visuals, a new translation and four extra DLC scenarios. The DLC scenarios naturally weren’t present for the demo, what with them not even having been released in Japan yet, but the full game was ready to play, so I stepped up and started Momohime’s story."

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wastedcells1980d ago

Man this game is sold out everywhere. Have to actually go to a store too buy this.

gerol1980d ago

FYI. Still available at Amazon
Limited Ed. -
Standard Ed. -

DivineAssault 1979d ago

I have to get this game when it releases.. I hope i can find it because i dont think i pre ordered it anywhere.. I bought so many things on amazon in the past week, i have to wait until payday to do any more damage..

fsfsxii1979d ago

For a moment i thought you meant PayDay the heist, been playing too much of that game it seems