Final Fantasy XV’ PS4 and Xbox One online multiplayer mode hinted

Tetsuya Nomura has hinted that the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One video game, “Final Fantasy XV,” will come with some sort of online multiplayer mode. According to a report from Siliconera on June 12, the game director mentioned that online features are needed to extend the playtime of the action role-playing title. Adding multiplayer will also “keep the story and anticipation going.” As a result, he revealed that they are currently looking at several options.

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Lovable2007d ago

Oh come on dude....don't do this to me now...

NatureOfLogic2007d ago

I'm keeping my expectations low for this game so I don't get disappointed.

mikeslemonade2007d ago

I'm more dissappointed that this game is multiplatform. But the game looks amazing for what it is and online multiplayer is fine.

cleft52007d ago

If Microsoft teaches us anything, even if you have low expectations you can still get disappointed.

shoddy2007d ago

Role playing games have change.

no more multiple characters control.
No more different race.
no more unique abilities and weapons for each character.

Final fantasy is fading

Irishguy952007d ago (Edited 2007d ago ) can control multiple characters...ans each character is unique.. Also not having multiple intelligent races for 1 ff isnt bad. People are just being negative tnat ff has an action rpg combat systemand some cinematic set pieces throwm in at story points. Eventhough it looks great

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FamilyGuy2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Maybe it'll just be like Star Ocean 3 (PS2) and have a vs battle mode?

The Kingdom Hearts rumor will probably just be co-op, having friends control the side characters.

Need4Game2007d ago

Final Fantasy XV will be Online MMORPG

Female Character with Boobs Slider & Boobs Physics.

Exploring the World on an Airship with your Friends.

PvP on top of Skyscrapers.

60hours single player + Online MMO is the Future.

Nintendo X MonolithSoft already doing it.

FamilyGuy2007d ago

White Knight Chronicles 2 "already did it"

It had a 60 or so hour single player and 100s of hours of quest to play with other people online. It wasn't a true MMO though, just had online player created hometowns for setting up quest.

Online supports ends in a couple days though :(

Blastoise2007d ago

Something tells me this game really won't be worth the wait

Lionalliance2007d ago

Well, we saw all the characters have different play style, might be just co op

LightSamus2007d ago

I'll wait until I hear more to judge. I mean, look at a game like The Last of Us. It's fantastic and it still managed to have multiplayer tacked on.

ThanatosDMC2007d ago

That's Naughty Dog.... we're talking about current SquareEnix here.

Mr_Nuts2007d ago

Final Fantasy like Kingdom Hearts, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Thief, Deus Ex etc are not the type of games to have online or co-op

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