Why You Shouldn’t Get TOO Excited About Kingdom Hearts III

With Kingdom Hearts III announced at E3 recently, I found myself initially shocked that I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be seeing as I grew up on the series – but that initial shock faded when I realised why I shouldn’t be as excited as I first thought.

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-Gespenst-2011d ago

The spin-offs are all excellent games, but releasing them on loads of different handhelds was a bad move. A lot of people think the story sucks purely because they didn't play those spin-offs, and that isn't exactly their fault. I'm lucky enough to have played every one so far, and I'm eagerly anticipating III. That's not the case for everyone.

They could easily add a retrospective thing in III, but I don't think it could amount to the same experience as actually playing the games. You get a greater sense of the scope of the story by playing them for sure.

Toadsanime2011d ago

That really is the primary problem.

I'm hoping the article didn't come across as anti-Kingdom Hearts; I grew up with the series and have a great number of collectibles (including one hell of a sexy Sora statue and Keyblade replica) but I recall being more excited for Kingdom Hearts II than I am for III.

Blastoise2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Squeenix used to release great games back then though, and usually kept their promises. Their reputation has gone downhill during an entire generation.
People begged for KH3 but they decided to keep forcing the XIII series at us

Kingdom hearts 3 won't be as good as people think it will be, expect DLC worlds, Assassins creed themed Key-blades and appearances from Lightning and snow.

Donnieboi2011d ago

They should release a FULL collection on 1 disc so people can play all the games to catch up with the story.

It worked for the Metal gear Collection. Now people can be prepared for MGS 5.

Toadsanime2011d ago

I imagine that a Kingdom Hearts 2.5 will come out with the remaining titles later on.

Super Taru2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

We know that they're going to make KH 2.5 HD ReMIX, containing KH2, Birth by Sleep & Re: Coded (probably as 358/2 Days was in KH 1.5). However, the thing that troubles most is that we may never get Dream Drop Distance as an HD Remastered. It was ridiculous that I had to own a PS2, a PSP, a DS AND a 3DS to enjoy all of KH's story. So, since they're putting an effort to make collections of every chapter of KH--in order to clean up this mess with all these different platforms--then they kinda HAVE to include KH3D. It would be pointless if they end up leaving it out of the collection.

I really wish they'd make the right move. The only thing that keeps my hopes up is the fact that they used properties from KH3D in order to make the games of the KH1.5 collection. So, it wouldn't be unlikely if they ended up releasing KH3D for PS3. Besides, they have plenty of time since KHIII is going to take a few years to be made. And now that Wada isn't CEO of Square Enix, we can only hope for the best.

PopRocks3592011d ago

As someone who has played just about every game in the series, I can tell you the story has gotten pretty terrible at times. Days and Birth By Sleep were both stupidly written, and Coded was just plain garbage. The series seems rekindled with Dream Drop, and III looks pretty solid.

I say let's be optimistic. We've made it this far. And damn it all, I want a conclusion!

XxWalksOfShamexX2010d ago

I haven't played days, but I personally loved the story in birth by sleep. It had a different mood from the other games. It told a depressing, yet lighthearted story which helped set the stage for kingdom hearts 3. In fact, apart from dream drop distance, birth by sleep is the most important story, when it comes to the handhelds.

iamtehpwn2011d ago

A lot of the hype is coming from people who haven't played all the games in the series enough to realize how what kind crappy loophole the story has become. Too many people left off at KH2 and are going to be confused as HELL when they pick up KH3.

PHOSADRA2010d ago

I watched the Kingdom Hearts Timeline by gametrailers...will that help?
Even though I've only actually played KH1 and KH2 on ps2?

showtimefolks2011d ago


the HD collection they are releasing contains 2 games plus all the cut scenes in HD from another

I wish they would just release a KH Hd collection containing all games for 70-80 bucks, we all know another KH hd collection is coming so why not just make one and charge people for each game that way atleast we get the full experience

the only thing that scares me is the fact we may not see Kh3 out till 2015-2016

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FullmetalAlchemist2011d ago

"Why you shouldn't get Too excited about Kingdom Hearts 3"

Don't say that to these people

Snookies122011d ago

That was funny as heck! Although, I will admit... I was probably reacting the same way...

Dan_scruggs2011d ago

Perhaps because it's 3 years away at least.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I wouldnt expect KH3 till 2015+. As for the story I know ppl are gonna be lost as hell if they dont play 358/2, Birth by sleep, and KH3D.

Re:coded just unnecessary.

Other than that KH3 is pretty much Good vs evil
Gametrailers has Kingdom Hearts timeline video as well.

ginsunuva2010d ago

What's with Japanese naming systems anyway?

Re:coded? 358/2 days? Versus XIII?

Do they even know what they're saying or how it affects their sales by confusing the hell out of customers?