EA will resume Wii U support when its 'a viable platform'

CVG:Electronic Arts will resume full support for Wii U when it "becomes a viable platform" on which to sell games, says EA Labels president Frank Gibeau.

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NYC_Gamer1741d ago

This should make some Wii U owners happy

cleft51741d ago

I bet they can't wait to get those second hand games that have the best content cut out of it. Nothing like a port of a port.

Kevlar0091741d ago

Still doesn't make up for the fact EA stood by when prominant staff members vocally trashed the WiiU and Nintendo

If the WiiU was making them money they would've defended Nintendo

LOL_WUT1740d ago

It makes me happy as a Wii U owner but EA can only do so much it's really up to Nintendo to make something out of this. E3 just passed and no price cut I doubt we will ever see another EA game on a Nintendo console for a while. ;)

gamer421741d ago

So, nintendo just need to sell more platforms? Hopefully with the first party games coming by the end of the year and going into next year, people will start buying and more third parties will come as a result.

Astargatis1741d ago

EA will resume Wii U support when they bow to DRM policies but it won't...Keep it up Nintedo

2pacalypsenow1741d ago

So never? its struggling right now how do people think it will sell once Ps4 and xbox 1 are in the market?

2pacalypsenow1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

So because i don't say something positive about nintendo i'm a troll ? EA isn't the only company whose stopped making games for the wii U ,2k is another

jmc88881741d ago

Must not have read much about the xbox one.

animegamingnerd1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

sure the xbone will be a threat to the Wii U

andrewer1741d ago

EA is not a viable option O.o

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The story is too old to be commented.