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EA will resume Wii U support when its 'a viable platform'

CVG:Electronic Arts will resume full support for Wii U when it "becomes a viable platform" on which to sell games, says EA Labels president Frank Gibeau. (EA, Industry, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   753d ago
This should make some Wii U owners happy
cleft5  +   753d ago
I bet they can't wait to get those second hand games that have the best content cut out of it. Nothing like a port of a port.
Kevlar009  +   753d ago
Still doesn't make up for the fact EA stood by when prominant staff members vocally trashed the WiiU and Nintendo

If the WiiU was making them money they would've defended Nintendo
LOL_WUT  +   752d ago
It makes me happy as a Wii U owner but EA can only do so much it's really up to Nintendo to make something out of this. E3 just passed and no price cut I doubt we will ever see another EA game on a Nintendo console for a while. ;)
gamer42  +   753d ago
So, nintendo just need to sell more platforms? Hopefully with the first party games coming by the end of the year and going into next year, people will start buying and more third parties will come as a result.
Astargatis  +   753d ago
EA will resume Wii U support when they bow to DRM policies but it won't...Keep it up Nintedo
2pacalypsenow  +   753d ago
So never? its struggling right now how do people think it will sell once Ps4 and xbox 1 are in the market?
^^^ crap passive trolling!
2pacalypsenow  +   753d ago
So because i don't say something positive about nintendo i'm a troll ? EA isn't the only company whose stopped making games for the wii U ,2k is another
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jmc8888  +   753d ago
Must not have read much about the xbox one.
animegamingnerd  +   753d ago
sure the xbone will be a threat to the Wii U
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andrewer  +   753d ago
EA is not a viable option O.o
Donnieboi  +   753d ago
Man, now EA is just being childish. FINE, if they don't wanna develop for it, then whatever. Even if they really do believe that Wii U isn't "viable", it would be better for EA to shut up about it. Why are they purposefully forcing their negativity on us? Who asked them?
PopRocks359  +   753d ago
Eh. I've been ignoring it as of late. I don't care for EA's half-assed attempts on Wii U. Not gonna bother with their games anyway unless it's a franchise that genuinely interests me; Mirror's Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront come to mind, but we'll see what happens.

At this point the only EA game I would get for Wii U is Mass Effect Trilogy. I actively avoided Mass Effect 3 because of EA's horrid handling of that game and the trilogy.
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Summons75  +   753d ago
It's more viable than the Xbone but that doesn't stop them from making love with MS.
PygmelionHunter  +   753d ago
Right... Here, EA. Grab my arm, I'll help you cross the street.
jakemail  +   753d ago
Wii U owners will resume supporting EA whenever they start making more good games like need for speed and quit being assholes to us Wii U owners.
Nodoze  +   753d ago
EA can pound sand. Shock that nobody wanted your ports at full retail 8+ months after release (and when they were 19 bux on other platforms).

WiiU will be fine without your shovel ware.
Animavicion  +   753d ago
whether they are still bastards, I do not will import their games come out on wii u, do not buy it. did the same to the "dreamcast" why "sega" not accepted in being their bitch, developing sports games. so, EA, shut up and take my middle finger.
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elhebbo16  +   753d ago
EA can go F themselves. Nintendo can sell the console with or without there games.
Klad  +   753d ago
This is some Bull***!! so they will support Xbox One & PS4 that have ZERO sales yet & will only support Wii U when sales pick up??? Kiss my ass EA, wont ever buy your games on any other platform!!
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deafdani  +   752d ago
Er... the difference here is that they can develop multiplatform titles that go out for both the Xbox One and PS4. It's comparatively cheaper than tailoring development solely for the Wii U, which has a different architecture (and much less powerful), and there's a bigger potential install base there than on the Wii U alone.

Now I expect to be disagreed to hell just because I dared to explain EA's business reasoning. Ok, come at me, guys. :P
GentlemenRUs  +   753d ago
Shows how greedy EA is don't it?
deafdani  +   752d ago
No. Unless you say the same about every other third party publisher that chose not to support Wii U because the install base is just not big enough for them to take the risk. There's a lot of game publishers with that same exact stance, yet people seem quite intent on making EA look like the Devil here. They're no different from any other of those companies, and this is just business.

It's Nintendo's job to ensure that the install base grows to a size big enough to lure in the third party publishers. They have more than enough IPs to achieve that, but they just started their job a bit late. It's only now, seven months after launch, that Nintendo's heavy first party support will start.

I expect that, by next year, things will get more attractive for third party publishers. Still, I don't expect the Wii U to have the same amount of third party support as the other two consoles.
Stroke666  +   753d ago
I don't quite get his logic, there are no xb1's or ps4's out but they have a lot more games in dev for them because wii u only has about 4 million boxes out there??? If they made good games and not shitty ports from jump maybe people would have hopped on the one game they put half an effort in.
CaulkSlap  +   753d ago
It is hard to justify developing for a middle ground system. Wii U's hardware is far too weak to run games targeting PS4/XBO. So it either gets PS3/360 games or games designed specifically for Wii U. And with a small user base EA is not willing to invest in that. I dont blame them. Why not blame Nintendo for creating an overpriced dated piece of hardware? That's what is driving consumers and developers away.
CaulkSlap  +   753d ago
Wii U will be a lot more viable when it gets a price cut. $300/$350 is just way too much for dated tech when you're comparing it to PS4 at $399. It would be one thing if Wii U had got a good library built up before the others came but instead it will just get overshadowed
Realplaya  +   753d ago
So if the Nintendo sales around the same number of units maybe more than the two new systems and if sales stay strong. Will there continue to pump out ports or will they create new games?
R00bot  +   753d ago
By viable, I'm presuming they mean when it has a bigger install base.

Then why are they supporting the PS4 and the Xbox One?
Hadoukameha  +   753d ago
They are investing in a bright future rather than a dim present. Common sense, people.

E3 should have made Wii U into a lean, mean, gaming machine. Ball. Dropped. Support.

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greenlantern2814  +   752d ago
because those systems will sell. nintendo was foolish to think they could recapture the same market that took them to the top with the wii. because while the casual gaming market is not dead, it is dead on consoles. since most casual gamers just game on a tablet or smart phone. on a side note what is nintendo doing to sell these sytems, they dont even advertise them a lot of people still dont even know what the wiiu is.
R00bot  +   752d ago
I understand your point, but I think they'll be able to re-gain that market with a price drop (or some more casual games).
otter26  +   753d ago
EA can go pound sand.....Who wants new sports games anyway? I will stick with NBA jam on snes, Tecmo Superbowl on nes and NBA live on Sega genesis...
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Hadoukameha  +   753d ago
@vishnulo: Get off my nuts faggot, no you cannot suck my dick.
thomasmiller  +   752d ago
FUNNY how PS4 and XBOX ONE are not viable platforms, yet and yet, ea seems to be on all on board for them, and the Xbox one is getting BUTCHERED BY THE FANS AND CRITICS ALIKE!! brilliant EA, I give them two more years and they will be the new THQ!! good bye EA you suck!!!
AKR  +   752d ago
So the Truth Finally Comes Out . . .
Honestly; Took them long enough to say it. I was waiting to see how long it would take..heh-quicker than I thought.

Don't know why they just didn't say this from jump street instead of beating around the bush. They would have saved themselves from looking worse than they do now.

Wonder what they're gonna have to say when XBOX One tanks, though...

Anyway; I guess this proves that they were lying about the whole Frostbite 2/3 issue. Basically it's: "We'll get FB3 running properly when we get the bucks."

Hmmm...greed is a deep sin, man. I guess PS2 is viable enough for you, right EA? I must be - because FIFA 14 is coming out on it...

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