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To DRM or not to DRM: That is the gamer's question

2013 is signalling a move to the next generation of video gaming - one that technically began last November with the launch of Nintendo's Wii U. Later this year, Sony and Microsoft are launching their own next-gen systems and the two companies couldn't be any more different when it comes to how to deal with the potential piracy problem. (E3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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Animavicion  +   391d ago
not to DRM.
360degrees  +   391d ago
Factually speaking with reference to all currently provided statements and specifications on both the ps3 and Xbox One, it appears that both will be fully embracing and supporting DRM, albeit the Xbox One will be a more active form, while the ps3 will be a more passive method allowing the developers to be the "bad guys" in the eyes of gamers and still resulting in exactly the same DRM. So in reality for the next generation of gaming we will all be supporting digital rights management should we choose to in fact purchase a new console of our choice. For years the battle cry of all gamers has been a resounding "Support the developers with your hard earned dollars and buy new" even going so far as to bastardize pirates who dare to steal money from their very pockets. Well then I am proudly deciding to support the deserving developers by accepting this miniscule DRM, as its very specific purpose in being implemented in next generation of consoles is to ensure the maximum amount of profits for developers by negating used sales.
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Vip3r  +   391d ago
If microsoft advised chopping your left arm off I'd bet you'd do it too.

DRM is nothing more than a cancer upon the gaming industry. It's best over come by super cheap deals like on steam. That way people will be more inclined to buy legal versions and the devs will still make some money.

DRM will do nothing but hamper the users gaming experience and cause rifts between customers/gamers and devs/microsoft.
HammadTheBeast  +   391d ago
Online passes aren't DRM. So, I'm sorry, but PS4 will not have it.
Saksoy  +   391d ago
Makes sense
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defyenz  +   391d ago
Well said bro! I think all these people complaining about this whole NO DRM shit is the people who wants it all for free and not knowing they are actually going against supporting the developers.I for one loves buying new. Ohhhh, I'm the first owner. All mine,all mine,all mine! :P
PFFT  +   391d ago
DRM will too grace our Precious PS4. Im sorry to say it BUT its the truth. The Sony fanboy god Jack Trenton failed to mention this at the conference. DRM is up to the developers and not up to Sony. Like it or not it will be on PS4. NOT ON ALL games though....... i hope
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Virtual_Reality  +   391d ago
Online Passes, just as PS3 or Xbox 360.

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Gravitic  +   391d ago
Vip3r your dumb, you mention DRM is cancer and Steam in the same sentence, I'm literally laughing right now :>
Vip3r  +   391d ago
I don't get charged full RRP for my games on Steam.

I can play offline with steam without verifying.

You lose.
xHeavYx  +   391d ago
Calling someone dumb and using " your" instead of " you're". Oh the irony
Corpser  +   391d ago
Psn digital games already have drm, same for the "free" games on ps+
Zodiac  +   391d ago
Do you even have DRM, Bro?
Mikelarry  +   391d ago
not to drm but to find a better solution that would not cause me a headache after purchasing your game brand new
PositiveEmotions  +   391d ago
What kind of question is that of course no one wants drm >_<
Der_Kommandant  +   391d ago
That's like asking... to fap or not to fap
Mikelarry  +   391d ago
definitely to FAP > <
corywebb93  +   391d ago
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edonus  +   391d ago
The whole fear and craziness surrounding DRM is just growing pains.
What the people (that arent just sony shills and will hate MS no matter what) are missing is that new business models open up new opportunities. Dont let these shills and fanboys cloud your judgment. You can tell the difference between shills and real people. A shill is going to say something is horrible and bad and say you shouldnt support it. A real unbias person (such as myself) will say gether the information keep an open mind see how it works if you dont like dont get it. I am not trying to convince you to a decision I would just convince you to weigh everything.

MS has explained some of their policies but some are still not fully clear, but look at being able to have 10 family members that have access to your games on any XBOX ONE but we dont know the details. If i can just register my brother in New York and cousin in Texas we all buy a XBOX ONE and whatever we buy we all access.... I would happily give up lending my games away for that. You may be able to register anybody we dont know. I can see people making networks of games and that would be really cool..

Another thing i dont rent games I dont feel like going and getting them and returning them. If they make an all digital rental system like Gamefly has for PCs I will subscribe and i am sure many others will as well.

Its just the process of getting use to something new. DRM personally doesnt affect me the ONE has shown beautiful games and has a bette features than the Ps4 so my decision is currently the ONE.
CaulkSlap  +   391d ago
You do realize by 10 family members there is almost no chance they mean anything but 10 user accounts on the same Xbox One in the same household.
edonus  +   391d ago
Even if that was the case I could buy 3 ONEs send 1 to Texas another to New York use mine as the base consoles everyone would buy gam through my main account we all would have access to the full library of games.

We are gamers we find are ways to make it work when they are not shilling and take their heads out their butts.
denawayne  +   390d ago
@ Caulkslap - Do your homework
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PFFT  +   391d ago
Cause think about it. How fast do you think these new consoles will be hacked?? Quite fast and more so now that the systems architecture are closer to the PC than ever before. Its only natural for Developers to add some form of DRM to their games. And can you really blame them?? NO not really they are only trying to protect what took them years to develop.
VforVideogames  +   391d ago
What the hell its DRM and why do we care?
mmj  +   390d ago
Anti-consumer practices. We (should) care because we are consumers.

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