E3 2013: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Hands-On Impressions | VGRevolution

VGR: After playing the 3DS version and having a short conversation with some of the developers at Armature Studios, the team behind the game, Blackgate shot up my “most wanted” list, more so than even the console title it’s attempting to augment.

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PrimeGrime1985d ago

So is the PS Vita version just a 3DS port? Getting real tired of these ported 3DS games, no offense to the 3DS but it just doesn't do the Vita any justice.

I bet this new Lego Marvel's is also.. A shame cause it looked fun but I bet that was the console version.

r211985d ago

Nope, I actually asked one of the devs and they said they're developing on separate dev kits. One for vita and the other for the 3DS. So guess we'll be getting a very good vita version and not crappy upressed port of the 3DS version.

pain777pas1985d ago

From videos that we saw. The game looks good on vita. More importantly I too am more excited for the portable games than the console games.