New WWE video game announcement this Friday

From "THQ is to announce the "next addition to the WWE videogame family" on Friday, March 28. No further details of the announcement have been released, although we're anticipating news of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009."

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poopsack3767d ago

They change around the formula.

pwnsause3767d ago

here I know what THQ is going to do again:
Raw Vs. smackdown 2009 xbox360 runs at 60fps, PS3, 30fps, and no PS3 owner is going to buy it because we dont want gimped, [email protected] games.

ceedubya93767d ago

The last game seemed to take a step back in some cases. Especially the story mode portion. Presentation was awful in the game other than the ring entrances. Between match segments were repeated WAY too often.

BeaArthur3767d ago

I don't buy these games every year and I haven't purchased one for awhile but last years was not too bad. I liked the in ring action but the stories are basically garbage. I see the same cut scenes over and over again and if you loose the championship it basically just recycles the story from before you won it the first time. THQ definitely needs to completely reevaluate the way they do the campaign mode.

niall773767d ago

it will use the same graphics as the last 2 games.

have the same controls

same old ps1 moves

the announcers will still ne speaking the same lines.

but there will be some new charaters and arenas

Hellsvacancy3767d ago

Well thats a BIG announcement, they release 1 of these games every year, ill make a prediction that EA games will release tiger woods pga tour 09 or maybe b another fifa game.
Wot is it with people posting sh1t on this site.

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