Nintendo Banks Familiar at E3 and Slams into the Wall

TheHDRoom: "I love Nintendo, I really do. At E3, my greatest fears were realized when the potential to innovate and point the spotlight back on Wii U was squandered in order to appease to a core audience by dousing them with familiarity. It didn't have to be this way."

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TruthbeTold2006d ago

Slammed into what wall? They definitely announced some things that people were expecting otherwise, but they've come out of E3 with quite a bit of buzz considering what Sony and MS had to announce, and they finally showed some games that should end the 'It looks like last gen' nonsense for everyone who has sense.

PopRocks3592006d ago

I can imagine someone calling this E3 disappointing, if only because the only really new, unknown game announcement was Donkey Kong, which shouldn't have warranted so much mystery to begin with (that and the new 3D Mario is more of a placeholder game than a full innovative Mario experience like Sunshine or Galaxy).

There were some damn good upsides to the conference. Bayonetta looked great, Mario Kart 8 looks absolutely beautiful, and need I say more than Mega Man in Smash Bros.?

To say that this conference was bad just really boggles my mind. Exactly what does that make Microsoft's Xbox One reveal? A walk in the park?

EvilFluff912006d ago

Nintendo have admitted that they are playing it safe and are making a new entry in there most successful franchises to drive the install base so third parties will take them seriously, EA have said that they will be on board when the install base is large enough, some of us maybe disappointed with some of the familiar announcements but it is something Nintendo has to do.